In the Canadian retail cannabis industry, how do you win, when everyone is selling the same thing to an uneducated customer?

If you’re going to want to compete with the big-name brands, which have dozens of stores across the country and will likely be coming into your neighbourhood soon, you’re going to have to use every tool at your disposal.

Introducing grnhouse agency

The Canadian cannabis retail industry is becoming a very crowded marketplace and we at grnhouse believe that those who want to survive need skilled help. We help by providing brand creation, marketing strategy, and operational excellence. We offer packages for retailers of all shapes and sizes to lay the foundation for a great customer experience.


A good brand can go a long way with winning new customers and keeping them coming back. It’s what separates you from every other cannabis retailer in the neighbourhood. We’ll create your store’s identity and ensure that it resonates with your target market.


Your website is usually the first point of contact for new customers. It’s important to make a good impression and with the shift from in-store shopping to online, your website is more essential than ever. We’ll build you a beautiful website that provides the best online shopping experience.

grnhouse cannabis retailer website


While Instagram has been extra difficult to work with lately, social media is still a great tool for keeping your audience engaged and turning them into loyal customers. Creating weekly content for your accounts and interacting with your followers can feel like a full-time job. We’ll devise an effective strategy and handle all of the legwork for you.


Having a direct method of communication in an age-gated environment provides a lot of marketing freedom for cannabis companies. For retailers, email marketing provides an easy way to reach your customers with deals, contests, and other promotions. We’ll set up your email marketing campaigns and optimize them to increase customer purchase frequency and basket size.

grnhouse cannabis retailer email marketing

Work With grnhouse

As a one-stop shop for Canadian cannabis retailers and licensed producers, let us help you grow your brand, better connect with your customers and provide the best possible experience.

Check out our website or shoot us an email at to set up a discovery call and learn how grnhouse can help grow your brand.

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