Ghost Drops is once again revolutionizing the Canadian cannabis industry. The same company responsible for the creation of “strain sticker” branding in Canada, the boom of “legacy” brands transitioning to legal and the concept of strain-specific collectible trading cards is now launching a new, game-changing platform. Ghost Drops just launched their “MOM”, a Members Only Mail Order premium cannabis club that allows their customers to buy exclusive products online, earn loyalty points and access special features and discounts – just like the legacy days. This article will explore the importance of this announcement and the implications it has on the cannabis industry as a whole.

What is a Cannabis “MOM”?

MOM is an acronym to refer to “Mail Order Marijuana” services, online cannabis retailers that ship products directly to consumers’ doors in Canada. Because of the vastness of the Canadian landscape and the existence of Canada Post and other nationwide couriers, cannabis has long been sold via the mail in the country (vs local delivery services or brick-and-mortar storefronts). These services are still incredibly popular with legacy market consumers. By launching their medical cannabis system as a “MOM”, Ghost Drops has identified a term and concept that will resonate with the legacy market consumers they seek to convert.

Ghost Drops MOM

What is Ghost Drops?

Ghost Drops is one of the premiere craft cannabis brands with roots in the legacy market. It was the first widely recognized illicit market brand to make the transition to legal in Canada. Ghost Drops also popularized the brand house model in both the illegal and legal markets by working with a variety of high-quality producers and breeders to bring some of the best cannabis to consumers across the country. The brand is known for strains such as First Class Funk, Z-Splitter, Khalifa Mints, Donny Burger, Sherbanger 22, Pavé S1, Korean BBQ, Grease Monkey, C.R.E.A.M Cake and King Sherb.

What is Ghost Drops MOM?

In April 2023, Ghost Drops executed a marketing campaign titled “MOM is Back”, communicating the re-launch of their Members Only Mail Order premium cannabis club. Ghost Drops offers a free, convenient, fast sign-up that allows consumers to get their medical cannabis prescription and access a wide range of exclusive products and perks. The brand is offering never-seen-before strains, product formats and merchandise exclusively through their mail order platform (in addition to consistently supplying fresh drops for their retailer partners across the country). Other perks include members only pricing, discounts and sales alongside increased carry limits up to 150g, tax write-off benefits and free shipping.

Ghost Drops MOM Marketing Strategy and Commercials

Ghost Drops has executed a successful multi-channel marketing strategy to grow their MOM membership. This strategy includes a robust digital roll-out with consistent email marketing and social media content. Additionally, Ghost Drops utilizes in-person events and experiences to gather new registrants for the program.

As a team, we knew we had to market this platform in a way that's never been seen before. We shot and produced entertaining infomercial-style ads in Los Angeles, redesigned the website, and created an on-brand customer service helpline. And most importantly we developed significant e-commerce infrastructure to ensure compliance was met on all levels. With the ability to now reach the consumer directly, it opens up a whole new world of opportunity for Ghost Drops to deliver an enhanced brand experience.

Ghost Drops CMO, Saro Manoukian

The Future of Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Canada

This groundbreaking move by Ghost Drops signals a change in the Canadian cannabis industry and how cannabis is sold in the country. By operating through the medical channel, Ghost Drops is able to bypass many of the downsides of selling recreationally and offer a better overall experience for consumers. By operating as a “MOM”, the brand is able to offer many of the same perks and benefits associated with legacy market services, helping further the conversion of these consumers to the legal market. Ghost Drops is known for setting trends and changing the game in Canadian cannabis. We expect a number of cannabis companies to launch similar initiatives in the coming months and years as this new semi-medical-semi-recreational mail-order model proves successful. Stay tuned.

To sign-up for Ghost Drops MOM, visit the registration page here.

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