As Canadian legacy cannabis brands transition over to the legal market, they bring their customers with them. One of the best examples of this is the recent Ghost Drops brand launch in British Columbia and Ontario.

Legacy Roots, Genetics + Growers

Ghost Drops is a Canadian cannabis brand with roots in the legacy market dating back years. The company has always been known as one of the top curators in the country, winning awards and presenting at traditional market events such as The Karma Cup. The company has several genetic and cultivation/extraction partners including Unlicensed Producer, Headwater Cannabis, 6ixotic, and Slurmmm Melts. These legacy brands all have dedicated cult followings in their own right. The unification of these brands, products, and genetics under one label – Ghost Drops – has many consumers excited.

Ghost Drops

How To Build Hype

Ghost Drops has a significant social media presence that has allowed them to get the word out about their legal brand launch. They have had multiple Instagram accounts deleted at 20k+ but have maintained a current account with thousands of followers. The company’s founders and leaders also have their own personal social media followings to utilize – including founder Organik (@organikhiphop), who also founded King Of The Dot Entertainment, Canada’s premiere battle rap league. 

In addition to social media content, Ghost Drops formulated some unique and effective methods to generate hype. Each purchase of their two strains at launch (First Class Funk and Z-Splitter) come with corresponding trading cards that contain information about the cultivar. These trading cards are sought-after and could even increase in value in the future.

Ghost Drops teamed up with respected retailers in both provinces to run special giveaways and promotions. Ghost Drops gifted custom hand-painted swag bags to key influencers and cannabis industry leaders in the lead up to their launch.


Being called “the new digital frontier in cannabis”, Ghost Drops launched a sub-project known as “Crypto Drops” – which allows a global community to buy, sell, collect and grow cannabis NFT’s online. The project is still in its infancy but is the Canadian cannabis industry’s first foray into the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Ghost Drops is clearly on top of current trends in marketing and technology.

Crypto Drops

The Future of Legacy Brands

Legacy brands will continue to transition to the legal market and will continue to grow the overall market by bringing their consumers with them. These customers that begin shopping at legal stores or with provincial boards because of names they recognize from the legacy market may find that they are pleased with some legal offerings and change their buying habits. 

It makes sense that brands that have already built brand recognition, trust, and reputation in the legacy market will want to capitalize on that equity in a legit way. Other legacy brands that have transitioned include TUNAAAARoom, Phyto, Glacial Gold, and there will be more to come.

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