Foodora, a German food delivery service with operations across Canada, has teamed up with recreational cannabis brand Spinach on a social media marketing campaign.

Spinach is the second recreational cannabis brand launched by Cronos Group, along with COVE.

The duo has been running Instagram ads from Foodora’s verified business page (@foodora_ca). It is likely easier for a verified non-cannabis business to purchase advertising on social media platforms. The ads are short videos with text pop-ups.

One of the ads reads “When you tell the server you’d like to order…  and you’ve already ordered.”

When you click “Get Offer” it takes you to a pink landing page ( that verifies your age. Once through the age gate, you are prompted to “Join the Spinach mailing list!” to get $4.20 off your Foodora “munchies”. The page also mentions that $1 will be donated to Arrive Alive for every order placed using a voucher. You must sign up for their newsletter to receive the discount code to your inbox.

This partnership reminds us of the “Don’t Drive High” campaign from Tweed x Uber x MADD. Cannabis companies will likely continue to develop these types of partnerships with technology companies (food delivery and ride-sharing apps) as well as charities dedicated to the safe consumption of alcohol and other recreational substances.

This is a great loophole for Spinach to run advertising on Instagram that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to execute. This campaign is designed to help grow Spinach’s mailing list so that they can communicate marketing messages to their database. Associating Spinach with well-known and respected companies like Arrive Alive and Foodora is also a good look for the brand.

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