When Mom comes over, she doesn’t notice the now empty space on my coffee table. She sees the Jo Malone candle and that stack of design magazines, but not what was sitting between them. It’s a rectangular area that’s not-so-coincidentally the exact dimensions of a high-end cannabis humidor. 

One of those would fit perfectly in that spot. If I hadn’t stuffed it into my sock drawer moments before she arrived.

What gives? It’s legal, sure. But social judgment doesn’t need legal grounds. Even though cannabis is more acceptable than ever, more discussed than ever, and more present than ever, there’s certainly still a lot of hiding going on. 

Which brings us to Flowr’s new branding. The new look for Flowr is bold and confident, with messaging that owns Flowr’s oft-undiscussed past. It says exactly what’s on all of our minds. We’re tired of hiding.

In the moments after legalization, Flowr was off to the races, looking to grow top-tier products for the rec market from day one. No one asked so they could just pretend this was their first rodeo. 

But come on. You’ve already guessed the truth. Allegedly – that’s such a fun word to use – they spent decades in the shadows, growing and learning, failing and succeeding – figuring out how to grow cannabis the hard way. That’s what their slogan “Grown True” is all about. And for the last couple of years, post-legalization, they were satisfied for their underground past to just be an open secret.

That’s not enough though. 

When speaking with Flowr, it’s clear that what they want is what we want. We want cannabis to be more than legal. We want it to be truly socially acceptable, across the board. We want it to be seen as it rightfully should. But if we want to be open about cannabis in the future, we also have to come clean about cannabis in the past.

Flowr’s tired of hiding. So they’re not hiding anymore.

Today, Flowr has a new face. They’ve rebranded and are owning their underground heritage with a strong visual style and messaging. Alexandre Jalleau, Flowr SVP of Marketing “It’s not a new brand at all, but the honest story of who we always have been. The look is a symbol to everyone, ourselves, and customers alike, that the hiding is over.” The new logo and identity reflect the brand’s story: stairs rising from the underground. Those stairs also represent their ambition to help elevate customers with products they can consistently look to with confidence.

They’ve also chosen a brand colour that never hides. The new cobalt Flowr Blue stands out and it stands above. If you see a product wrapped in cobalt, you’ll know that Flowr is proud of it, as a brand that thrived in the days before logos and advertising, when reputation was the only form of marketing.

When asking about the brand’s ‘why’, it was clear that Flowr’s Brand Director, Nicole Wolff, gave an answer that’s both true to the brand, but also personal. “We want to be the brand that our customers leave out on display on their coffee tables and the company known for quality cannabis products that help shift stigmas and break down taboos. To do that, we’re leading by example – stepping out of the shadows and being true to who we are. Hopefully, our customers will feel even more comfortable to follow suit. Together, we want to push the conversation forward, and we’re going to do that, from now on, unapologetically.”

So, heads up Mom. Next time you come over, you’ll probably see a Flowr bud jar out in the open. Right there for everyone to see. Maybe I’ll display it with pride, alongside any other premium product I choose carefully and with taste. 

No cannabis deserves to be stashed away in a sock drawer. And, when it comes to Flowr, the new message is clear: there’s certainly nothing to hide.

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