We are now three years into legalization in Canada and the stigma around cannabis is still changing and evolving. New consumers are entering the space as they begin to perceive the plant less as a drug and more as a natural alternative. Decades-long enthusiasts are coming out of the shadows and proudly displaying their knowledge of and affection for cannabis. The days of sneaking around and hiding our consumption from friends, family members, and co-workers are behind us. Flowr, one of the leading recreational cannabis brands in Canada, has recently launched a new marketing campaign and packaging strategy that reflects this understanding. 

Following up their 2020 ADCANN Marketing Campaign of the Year for “Art and Science”, the new campaign centers around a highly-produced 45-second video content piece that starts by showing the various places that cannabis consumers have typically stashed away their weed. As the video pans from hiding place to hiding place (including a box of tampons, a couch cushion, a sock drawer, and a hollowed-out book) Millie Jackson’s 1974 hit “I’m Tired of Hiding” perfectly complements the scene. These stash spots are then quickly zipped up, put away, and hidden. The final scene shows an apartment with Flowr packaging prominently and proudly displayed on the living room table alongside an open book, a rolling tray, and a lighter. As a woman picks up the container, the text “Nothing To Hide” appears with a brief narration of “Flowr – Grown True”.

Born in the Shadow, Grown in the Light

This is a powerful piece that evokes strong emotions and taps into deep consumer insights. The brand invites its community to engage in conversations around cannabis and proudly display their love for the plant. They encourage their consumers to share their experiences with cannabis products in hopes to break the stigma and expose more people to the potential benefits. This aligns with the brand’s ethos of “born in the shadow – grown in the light”, having ties to the legacy market but pushing forward in breaking the stigma in a regulated environment. Flowr believes in the power of the plant to unlock creativity, promote relaxation and help individuals enhance their full potential.

Flowr Cobalt Glass Jar

Naturally Blue

Additionally, this piece was a great way for Flowr to announce their switch from plastic to cobalt glass packaging that occurred earlier this year. Flowr has a deep dedication to producing high-quality products, which is why they now use glass to preserve their premium buds and give their customers an aesthetically pleasing container to display proudly. Cobalt glass is naturally blue, which is the recognizable colour associated with the Flowr brand. These containers ensure that their product remains at an optimal moisture level from the factory to smoke and helps the brand stand out amongst its competitors.

At Flowr, we believe that cannabis, when used appropriately and grown consistently, can be used as a tool to enhance aspects of your life - and there is no shame in that. With this campaign, we wanted to highlight the new glass packaging, but also remind people that true quality never hides.

Nicole Wolff, Brand Director at Flowr and 2020 ADCANN Cannabis Marketer Of The Year Finalist
Flowr Canadian Cannabis

Nothing to Hide

The campaign has launched with a strong media presence online through video and display, as well as across social media. It will also be brought to life through installations at various retail locations.

This campaign was developed by Zerotrillion – Flowr’s agency of record and 2020 ADCANN Agency Of The Year. Zerotrillon is a global creative agency based in both Amsterdam and Canada. Nothing To Hide was shot in various locations across Toronto and is designed to reduce the social stigma associated with cannabis use. The messaging was born out Flowr’s understanding that cannabis consumers are not one-dimensional and aims to acknowledge cannabis culture as part of their life, something to be embraced and discussed openly.

To learn more about the campaign and packaging visit the campaign’s page on Flowr’s website.

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