Canadian cannabis producers are relatively limited when it comes to packaging. Every product is required to list total cannabinoid percentages on the packaging (THC, CBD), along with packaging dates and health warnings. Packaging can only be one colour and can contain only one logo, which must be smaller or the same size in surface area as the THC warning symbol. This doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for LP brands to get creative with the containers they offer their products in.  

BLKMKT, the premium flagship recreational brand from GTEC Cannabis Co, has announced this week that they will be the first in Canada to list terpene content and percentages on their packaging.

ADCANN spoke to Adil Hirji, Head of Marketing at GTEC, about why the brand chose to launch this new innovation.

It's something we've wanted to do for a while. Although we're often seen as a "High THC" brand, we understand that it's not all about THC. Terpenes play an integral role in what our experience is with a specific strain; and we've felt it's important that consumers know what's in each jar. Only then can we start identifying which combination of cannabinoids & terpenes provide us with the experience we're seeking.

Talking About Terpenes

Up until now, the only way for consumers to discover the terpenes contained in their dried flower was to visit a provincial retailer’s website (ex. OCS or SQDC) or visit an LP’s website or social media, where a small fraction of them offer this information online. 

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds of cannabis that contribute to the smell, taste and even felt effects of a particular cultivar. More experienced consumers understand the importance of these compounds and have an understanding of how terpenes differ from each other. Displaying terpene content is focusing on a “feature” of your product, but experienced consumers will be able to infer “advantages” and “benefits” given this information. 

BLKMKT appears to be targeting experienced connoisseurs with their product mix and marketing techniques. These consumers are typically familiar with purchasing cannabis from the informal market, whether that be in a non-licensed dispensary or from a friend. In these buying situations, consumers were able and encouraged to examine and smell the dried flower before purchasing. In a heavily regulated retail environment that essentially restricts consumers from gauging the quality of products before they purchase them, this terpene content can be incredibly useful.

BLKMKT Terpenes on Bottles

GTEC Leading the Way

The brand has focused much of their efforts on obtaining and growing high quality dried flowers from unique and exciting genetics. BLKMKT’s Wedding Crasher and Cherry Punch are both from Symbiotic Genetics, a well-known and respected breeder. Both of these cultivars have Purple Punch in their lineage, a strain that is very popular in certain mature US markets. It is apparent that GTEC has studied what has worked in the American industry and is translating those learnings to the Canadian market. 

BLKMKT is the first, but we have a feeling they won’t be the last. Now that a new standard has been set, every brand that is targeting those same knowledgeable consumers will likely have to be more transparent about their terpene content and Certificates of Analysis, whether that means changing packaging or simply posting the information online.

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