Creativity & Compliance is a video series that presents Canadian cannabis product and store brands to a lawyer and a marketing expert to get their thoughts on each from a branding and a legal/trademark perspective. 

By analyzing creativity and compliance, we’ll provide two different viewpoints on the strength of the brand, marketing, and messaging to consumers.

In Creativity & Compliance Episode 1, ADCANN’s Founder and Editor, Colin Bambury, sits down with cannabis lawyer and registered trademark agent Chad Finkelstein of Dale & Lessmann LLP and Executive Creative Directors Hilary Mason and Leah Whitney of Sister Merci to discuss the Canadian cannabis brands BLK MKT, Spinach, Value Buds, and Superette.

Episode 2 will be coming out on April 28th at noon. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter and follow us on social so you never miss an episode!

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