The Cannabis Society (TCS) is a division of The Tech Society which facilitates transactions among emerging technology Founders/C-Suite, investors and service providers. The Cannabis Society (TCS) has a mission of connecting top business executives (venture capital, banking, enterprise, auxiliary services, etc.) with others who could help move their business forward. 

The Cannabis Society held their biggest conference to date on September 21. The conference was split into two parts: The European Medical Cannabis Conference, which was held both virtually and in Berlin, as well as the MSO Growth & Consolidation Conference which was targeted to the North American cannabis industry and was held virtually.

In total, the conference featured 18 panels with 51 speakers made up of Medical Professionals, Investors, MSO & Regional Player Executives. The attendance list was kept intimate among C-Suite professionals and totaled 101.

Cannabis Society Recap

The European Medical Cannabis Conference panels were as follows:

  • The Cannabis Society Opening Remarks, which started the day off.
  • Dentons Welcome Keynote. This was a chance for our sponsor to introduce themselves to our audience
  • Project Twenty21 Update
  • Patient Needs Across Europe (Sponsored by Aurora)
  • Patient Education – Reversing the Stigma. This was a spirited discussion on helping to mitigate the stigma within the European cannabis sector.
  • European Distributor Panel
  • Women in Cannabis
  • Europe Requires more Research
  • Fireside Chat

And for the MSO Growth & Consolidation portion of the conference, the panels consisted of:

  • Keynote: Wendy Berger
  • Trulieve and Harvest Deal. This was a chance to discuss the groundbreaking deal between these two companies.
  • Women in Cannabis. Perhaps the most exciting event of the day, was this engaging discussion between some of the most prominent women in the North American cannabis industry.
  • National Brands vs Regional Consolidation
  • Investing in North American Cannabis Markets
  • Cannabis Investor Roundtable. Top cannabis investors discussed how they can be a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to the growth of a successful cannabis business.
  • Ask Jushi Anything about their Consolidation Strategy. Olivier Blechner gave the audience specific intel on Jushi’s successful consolidation strategy.
  • Fireside Chat with Brian Schinderle
  • How and SSO & Regional Player Fit in with MSOs
Cannabis Society Recap

The Cannabis Society sponsors and community partners also had a chance to set up their own virtual booths where they could share more information on their businesses and direct attendees to directly reach out to them to help foster future connections. 

Beyond this, attendees and speakers alike had the opportunity to connect with each other in between panels using the online portal’s lounge. This made making connections in the cannabis industry a completely seamless task.

Don’t miss out on future The Cannabis Society events! If you’d like to make sure you’re in the know, you can head to their website, or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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