As the cannabis industry matures, more and more brands are realizing that they must make data-backed and informed decisions to grow their customer base. This typically comes in the form of consumer research, studies, surveys and more. Going even further, now brands are combining science with consumer data to inform, educate and target consumers more effectively. One Canadian neurotechnology company is helping brands and consumers understand the effects of cannabis better using novel brainwave research.

Zentrela is a leading neurotechnology company based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company recently announced several cannabis industry initiatives including the launch of an innovative education program focused on providing consumers reliable information about the effects of cannabis products. Through cutting-edge brainwave research, Zentrela aims to empower consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed purchase and consumption decisions in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Why do Cannabis Retailers and Marketers Need Access to Consumer Research?

As the Canadian and global cannabis markets continue to expand, a large number of infrequent, inexperienced, and new consumers are seeking to understand the potential effects of different cannabis products. This information gap makes it difficult for consumers to make brand and product choices in such a crowded market.

Zentrela recognized this issue since the federal Canadian legalization and in 2021 started the world’s largest brainwave study to objectively quantify and classify the psychoactive effects cannabis products have on the brain. As of today, more than 800 Canadian consumers of beverages, edibles, pre-rolls and vapes have participated in the Zentrela research project. The company is also publishing studies utilizing their proprietary wearable brain device and Machine Learning algorithms. This valuable data can be used by brands and marketers to understand, reach and educate their potential consumers more effectively.

Zentrela has piloted this program with a large number of retailers in the Greater Toronto Area and Collective Project, an innovative cannabis beverage brand. Zentrela is committed to providing resources to retailers, who are typically the front line workers educating consumers and helping them make more informed decisions.

How can Cannabis Marketers and Retailers Utilize this Brainwave Data?

Understanding how consumers feel when they take specific products, how long the onset and offset times are and other perceived effects is invaluable for cannabis marketers. Understanding how your product affects different individuals will allow you to create marketing strategies and communications that speak to those effects and benefits. By testing your product with consumers and gathering valuable data and feedback, including monitoring brainwave activity, you will be able to understand your target market’s psychology better and therefore win them over. Cannabis marketers and brands that utilize data will have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

As a cannabis retailer, understanding how cannabis products affect your consumers is crucial. This type of brainwave monitoring (for onset and offset times, potency, etc) can help inform budtenders, which in turn educates the end consumers in-store on a daily basis. Budtenders are largely considered the consumer’s guide to the endless products and brands listed across the country. The more educated the frontline workers are, the more educated their consumers will be – which will lead to better and more informed purchasing decisions, resulting in the best brands rising to the top. Product effect data that comes from an independent scientific research organization will add additional credibility to consumer communications.

About Zentrela

Zentrela is an independent research organization that utilizes novel non-invasive neurotechnology to accurately and objectively quantify and classify the effects cannabis products create for consumers. With a mission to become the most trusted and comprehensive provider of cannabis product effect information, Zentrela is dedicated to empowering consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed consumption decisions.

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