In Canada, cannabis producers are still fairly limited when it comes to packaging design and creativity. A few brands were able to successfully navigate the regulations and become finalists in our Best Cannabis Packaging category in the ADCANN 2020 Awards. Let’s take a look at some of the best cannabis packaging in Canada as voted by you, the ADCANN community.

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Top Leaf

Top Leaf is a former legacy market brand that was acquired and re-launched by Sundial Cannabis, an Alberta-based Licensed Producer. The brand was founded by enthusiasts and is dedicated to “The Craft of Cannabis”. In their own words, Top Leaf is dedicated to growing and offering “the good sh*t”.  

Top Leaf was one of the first Canadian brands to package their cannabis flower in premium glass jars. Their eighths are packaged in black, weighted glass, and their 1gram options are packaged in plastic containers that have a similar look. Top Leaf also offers 510 vape cartridges.

Top Leaf Canadian Cannabis Packaging Design

Real packaging

Top Leaf frequently uses digital renders of mock packaging in their social media and website promotions. Usually, these packaging designs are combined with sensory notes such as strawberries or pine needles to communicate the flavour and experience of their flower.

Top Leaf Canadian Cannabis Packaging Design

Digital rendering mock-up

We are thrilled to have been nominated for the 2020 ADCANN best packaging design award. Top Leaf prides itself on creating the best possible consumer experience, with no detail too small. The decision to package our premium bud was made with the consumer in mind; our glass jars with humidity packs provide the best guarantee for freshness, trichome & UV protection while also being environmentally friendly. As a premium brand, we are most looking forward to introducing consumer-driven innovations & unique, sought-after cultivators packaged in best in class packaging to elevate our consumer's experiences even higher in 2021.

Connor Young, Director of Marketing, Sundial


Sugarbud is a newly-launched brand and LP from Alberta that is focused on the cultivation and production of superior, small-batch cannabis products.

The company made the decision to launch with reusable and recyclable glass jars that are designed to optimally preserve the moisture and freshness of their dried flowers.


Real packaging

The jars are sleek and aesthetically pleasing, which the brand hopes will help in attracting consumer’s attention in a retail environment. The compact shape and smooth delicate lines help protect and reduce any unwanted breakup of delicate buds.


Digital rendering mock-up


Tenzo is a fun, colourful brand launched by GTEC Cannabis, a premium cannabis producer headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

The brand utilizes “Calyx” packaging, which is 100% recyclable, sustainable in land-fills, and leaves a smaller environmental footprint. These containers are taller than they are wide and have a pop-top child-resistant lid. 

Tenzo’s packages are simple and sleek. The white containers all feature Tenzo’s light blue logo but each one of the brand’s strains is written in a different vibrant colour. Their Wedding Crasher uses purple text while their Watermelon Mojito Zkittlez uses pink, for example. This is an easy way for Tenzo to differentiate its strains and build visual identities around each one of its product offerings.

Tenzo Canadian Cannabis Packaging

We put in a lot of thought and care into our choice of packaging; we were the first brand to bring these containers into Canada, so it's truly an honour to be nominated for this award. We're excited to see continued innovation in the industry and a wider selection of sustainable and flower-friendly packaging on the market in the upcoming year.

Adil Hirji, Head of Marketing, GTEC Cannabis Co

Kolab Project

Kolab Project is a recreational cannabis brand from Auxly Group that primarily offers 510 vaporizer products and pre-rolled joints. 

Kolab Project’s 510 vape (and pre-rolled joint) packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The company recently announced a partnership with Greentec that will feature Kolab Project-branded e-waste recycling bins in cannabis retail stores across Canada. This initiative will accept any and all legal cannabis vaporizer pens, cartridges, and disposables – which will help reduce the amount of waste created by the cannabis industry.

Kolab 510 Battery

510 Battery Packaging

Kolab Project also sells branded 510 threaded batteries. These batteries are classified as accessories and not cannabis products, which allows the brand to get more creative with their packaging. By looking at the battery container, we get a preview of what Kolab’s 510 vape cartridge packaging may look like if the health warnings and restrictions weren’t applied. The brand is very minimalist and futuristic in their design.

Kolab 510 thread packaging

510 Thread Packaging


Earth Kisses Sky is an outlier in the best cannabis packaging category. These products do not actually contain cannabis at all. Instead, EKS offers topical lotions and salves that can be combined with cannabis oil at home. 

The brand comes from the legacy market and has been selling these types of products since prior to recreational legalization. Earth Kisses Sky is currently exploring partnerships with Licensed Producers to offer pre-infused versions to the legal market. 

Their packaging is minimalist and clean. With simple, short names like “SKIN” and “PAIN”, EKS products clearly communicate their value proposition. Earth Kisses Sky works with Marigold PR, a former winner of the Agency Of The Year Category in the ADCANN Awards.

EKS Packaging

Being apart of the ADCANN awards allows EKS to continue to rise to the top, not by chance but through purpose and passion. There is a collective shift in caring about others’ well-being. Staying home to help the lives of humans we’ve never even met, and many whom we probably will never meet.

Tijen Yalchin, Co-founder, EKS

Canadian Cannabis Packaging Design Trends

The packaging that producers were first using at the onset of legalization was generally unappealing and too spacious, which allowed their product to degrade and lose moisture. As the years pass on, there is a larger focus on packaging that keeps cannabis flower fresh throughout the sales pipeline and into the hands of the consumer. Large, plastic containers are being replaced by smaller, glass packages. Boveda and other moisture packs are becoming more common. Nitrogen-packing and extra seals have been introduced. Producers are finding new ways to stand out from the crowd while remaining within legal regulations. Minimalism and simplicity continue to be trends.

Mock display packaging and digital renderings are becoming more common. Next year we may incorporate these mock displays and digital renders in our best packaging category. This year, we vote based on which brands have been able to navigate the strict regulations in the most creative ways.

Honorable Mentions

Simply Bare’s orange glass jars are perfectly sized, distinct, and easily recognizable. Muskoka Grown brought nitrogen-sealed tins to the legal market in Ontario. Redecan’s Redees cigarette-style pre-rolled joints continue to grow in popularity across the country. Premium 5, 7ACRES, Greybeard, and San Rafael ‘71’s introduced well-designed packaging for their concentrates products. Craft producers such as Habitat and Gnomestar launched with premium glass containers. These brands, unfortunately, did not make it as Finalists in this year’s Awards, but we recognize them for their innovation and creativity. 

Overall, 2020 was an exciting year for cannabis packaging and innovation. Help us decide who should hold the title of Best Cannabis Packaging in Canada and vote in the ADCANN Awards.

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