In 2020, we all need a little cannabis in our life to keep us going through the pandemic. Of all the options available in the Canadian cannabis accessory market, the top five brands selected by the people’s choice are Utillian, Tokyo Smoke, ToQi, Tronian, and ZEUS ARSENAL.

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At Utillian, the call sign is quality. This brand is committed to providing an excellent vaporizer experience by creating reliable units from high-grade materials. With Utillian, the objective has and always will be to take you from where you are to where you want to go, with elegance, style, and flair.

The Utillian brand uses the slogan “earn your wings” and has angel wings as their logo, emphasizing their accessories’ capability to get you ‘high’.

Utillian offers dried flower and concentrates vaporizers. A budget-friendly vaporizer brand, Utillian offers excellent battery life and great vapor quality.

Utillian Canadian Cannabis Accessory

Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke, a brand that focuses on informed decision making by their consumers, was founded in 2015 by Alan and Lorne Gertner. Tokyo Smoke is committed to changing the public perception of cannabis through their uniquely designed products and immersive retail experience. The brand operates under the belief that cannabis should be consumed without stigma, intimidation, or pressure. 

Tokyo Smoke brands itself as a designed-focused retailer with the belief that intentional cannabis usage can make life enjoyable for people. The brand uses the visual of a red dot as a symbol identical to Japan’s country flag. The use of this well-known flag is a brilliant marketing strategy because consumers will recognize the brand anywhere.

The brand offers anything and everything cannabis, including any form of cannabis. Tokyo Smoke sells a wide range of high-end and reasonably priced vaporizers, bongs, pipes, infusers, grinders, papers, storage jars—you name it. Any cannabis accessory you could think of, Tokyo Smoke has.

Tokyo Smoke


TOQi, a subsidiary of Twenty2b Inc., and their brand’s mission are to provide people with state-of-the-art solutions to elevate the public’s consciousness about the cannabis community. The brand creates premium vaping products with reasonable prices and amazing battery life.

The TOQi brand uses the slogan “wireless living,” to promote its wireless vapes and battery pads. They have used this slogan to promote their newest accessory for smoking that is combined with a built-in USB-C port so that you never have to worry about losing your customer charging plug again. The brand also uses the colour green and black to simulate the feeling of innovation.

TOQi offers its TOQi510 wireless vaporizer, which consumers claim has the “best battery” and charges twice as fast as other brands. The vape is the first 510-thread compatible battery with Qi-compatible wireless charging. The brand’s products are reasonably priced and their wireless power bank and charging pad are decently sized so that you aren’t walking around with a brick for a vape. 



Tronian strikes a chord between tech and lifestyle. The brand’s motto is to spend time working on vaporizer technology, design, and packaging to get its audience the best range of products.

The Tronian brand offers its consumers “quality” products composed by the company designers, engineers, and testers that “live and breath” vaporization. The brand’s slogan “Introducing a new movement,” emphasizing new technology at the forefront to sell their products, and by doing so they also promote their products as innovative and unique.  

Tronian offers four types of oil battery vaporizers, the 510-thread Pitron, Tautron, Nutron, and their disposable pen the Alfatron-0.5mL. Tronian offers budget-friendly prices for all vaporizer batteries as well as the cartridges. The brand makes smoking cannabis oil budget-friendly and easy.


At ZEUS ARSENAL, real-world data and experience shape their research and development, tailoring products to the actual needs of the consumer. ZEUS ARSENAL is committed to providing high-quality products fit for the gods while maintaining accessibility for mere mortals.’

The brand ZEUS, a reference to God, is used as the brand’s slogan to imply that their products are “fit for the gods, but still accessible to mere mortals.” Their sleek packaging is designed to make the consumer feel that only “Gods” have the ability to acquire high-end products.

The brand offers a range of dried flower vaporizer products and accessories, such as top-of-the-line vaporizers engineered in Germany and infused with automotive DNA. ZEUS offers sleek, high-octane portable and desktop vaporizers with a 3500mah battery, giving you up to 90 minutes of battery life, as well as free shipping on all orders.

Zeus Arsenal

These Canadian Cannabis Accessory Brands Offer Some Premium Paraphernalia

When examining all of these brands, it is clear that the majority of them are seeking to re-define the cannabis consumption experience through technology and design. Humans have been using cannabis for millennia, but modern-day brands are changing the way we think about the plant. Vaporizers appear to be a popular trend, as health-conscious consumers search for the optimal way to consume. Portable, sleek, well-designed, and aesthetically pleasing are all qualities that these brands and products possess. Help us decide which brand is the most deserving of the coveted “Accessory Brand Of The Year” title.

Which of these Canadian cannabis accessory brands is your favourite?

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