Every year, the best brands in the North American cannabis industry are pitted head-to-head in the ADCANN awards in order to determine what brands are the best of the year. Last year, the winners were decided by the ADCANN community, with Roilty taking home the award for Canadian LP Brand of the Year. Being a new brand with a limited online presence, everyone is curious about who Roilty is – especially after Namaste Technologies changed their name to Lifeist Wellness Inc. We met with Bella Michell, Brand & Marketing Director to learn more about what makes Roilty Canada’s top brand.

Roilty, under CannMart, is Lifeist’s brand for high-quality concentrates. Serving everything from shatter to sugar wax, resin, vape cartridges and wax. Distinguished by the crown on the logo and purple packaging, Roilty’s brand screams high-class, high-quality, earning them a loyal following despite the limited online presence. First hitting shelves in July of 2021, they’ve expanded their product line across Canada for their loyal consumers.

Do it Right, Not Twice

While many brands rush into social media, putting the cart before the horse, Roilty has taken a “better done right than done twice” approach.  While their website is about to launch alongside their summer OCS drops, their Instagram came after their products hit the market as a continuation of the brand rather than the primary substance. Their page features their iconic purple on every post showing off their products, the people behind them, and celebrating the cannabis community that has elevated them to the spot of “Canada’s Best Brand”. Their page also features easy-to-digest educational content on concentrates for those who aren’t in the know.

Roilty LP Brand OTY

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

The intention behind Roilty is a brand tone that’s inspired by humour, like a
cross between Crown Royal and Monty Python. We really try to make our
consumers laugh, and that’s evident in the fun, playful strain names we’re using.
Our concentrations are single strain inputs of well-known cultivars, and we like to
research and learn about each strain and give is a wacky, fun name that still
honours it’s lineage.

Bella MitchellBrand & Marketing Director, CannMart

While Roilty takes quality seriously, this isn’t reflected in the names or what they do. With product like the cheeky “Her Majesty’s Melons Live Resin” (single strain input of Melon Gum), “Henry the Grape Ape Vape Cart” and “Roil Canadian Mint” (botanically inspired terpene profile of Grape Ape, and Jack Frost cultivars), it’s hard not to crack a smile when looking at Roilty. This focus on having fun can be seen in the concentration card game that Roilty has shared with budtenders across Canada; a matching game utilizing extraction education, brand awareness and product knowledge for a “play while learning” angle.

Some of its goofy, some of it’s just to get a laugh, but it’s always based in
education. We want to ensure Budtenders both enjoy the education we want
them to learn about cannabis, our brand, and products. We hope that through
enjoyment of the intentioned swag we choose to produce, that sales associates
can speak to what they are selling in an organic way.

Bella MitchellBrand & Marketing Director, CannMart

While many brands in the Canadian market struggle to find their place, Roilty has cemented its spot as not only the best brand for concentrates but as a favorite of the cannabis connoisseur. Through careful branding, an emphasis on well-priced quality concentrates, and some smart-ass attitude, Roilty has proven its strength in the Canadian marketplace. To continue to watch their journey, follow Roilty on Instagram.

Last Updated on June 29, 2022 by ADCANN

William Zorn

William Zorn

Certified Cannabis Sommelier & Twitch Affiliate; William is currently an expert in digital cannabis marketing.