Budtender education events are an excellent way for Licensed Producers and accessory companies to connect with budtenders, the front-line workers, and unsung heroes of the cannabis industry. 

On November 18th, 2021, One to One and friends partnered to host Bud Bash in Toronto after the first day of the Lift & Co. Expo. The event was widely considered a huge success as over 200 budtenders, cannabis educators, and cannabis retail store owners from all over the GTA attended Bud Bash.

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So what did everyone get from Bud Bash?

In short, educational conversation. Brand reps and budtenders got to converse one on one and learn from each other in a fun setting outside of the workplace.

Outside of the cannabis retail store, brand reps and budtenders can give each other their undivided attention. Going into a cannabis retailer and educating budtenders might not always be effective. Depending on the time of day you go in to visit a store, you may be interrupting commerce. Going into a store when it’s busy is never conducive to having good conversations with budtenders. They’re busy interacting with customers.

Often a cannabis retailer visit is short and it’s not always great for leaving a lasting impression on budtenders. Some companies choose to give out swag or informational material. Visits are just not as effective. Meanwhile, at Bud Bash, budtenders were there to connect with brands, allowing them to have a proper conversation. 

The intention was for industry professionals to come together and share brand and product knowledge to pass on to consumers. What was learned at Bud Bash will be passed onto co-workers, customers, and the world around those budtenders. 

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We’re in a time when your product could be one of 200 sku’s and one of 30-40 brands on a menu. You need budtenders to know who you are. Your products, your brand story, how you grow your cannabis and why. Budtenders research the products they’re recommending, they want this education. They recognize it benefits you, them, and your collective consumers.

Budtenders and Licensed Producers share the same consumers. Being able to have uninterrupted education sessions where licensed producers, accessory companies, canna-tech, and dispensaries can come together and learn from each other can only benefit consumers and push the industry forward.

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Josh Socket

Josh Socket

In 2017, Josh had a Bachelor’s from Ryerson and was interning in a museum. When Cannabis was legalized, he immediately saw a new path for himself in canna-marketing. He’s budtended, worked on the medical side, now you can catch him writing for ADCANN and grnhouse agency.