The Canadian cannabis concentrate scene has been heating up this year, with many new entrants and products entering the market at a rapid pace. Solventless concentrates such as live rosin and hash rosin specifically have seen a rise in popularity and prevalence. In mature markets such as California, dabbable concentrates account for between 20-35% of all cannabis sales. Canada is still catching up on these product types and consumer trends. In this article we profile the Canadian solventless concentrate brands leading the way in this exciting new category. 


Striving for big taste at the lowest price possible, BIG takes an artisanal approach when creating solventless concentrates. From their years of being in the legacy market, they use a proprietary process called the Hasho Method that gently allows the cannabis to preserve its flavour. 

OCS: Fruit Live Rosin (Black Cherry Punch)

BC Cannabis Stores: Diamonds (Outlaw Kush)

Big - Diamonds

Kolab Project

Currently in collaboration with Seance Centre, a music label from Toronto. Kolab offers a refined selection of high-quality cannabis products. Check out their Projects blog, to feed your head with artistic x cannabis projects that will inspire you to get creative.  

BC Cannabis Stores: 232 Series: Live Rosin Jam (Wedding Pie)

OCS: 232 Series: Live Terpenes Thread Cartridge (Dosidos x Purple Punch)

EarthWolf Farms

Starting as a hops farm, EarthWolf Farms turned to organic cannabis to expand its business. Their motto “Sun, Soil, and Smoke”, reflects in their honest hard effort in creating craft cannabis, which offers a unique flavour and aroma due to the mountain air. When creating their concentrates they isolate the trichomes using ice water extraction. Currently, out of stock at the OCS.

BC Cannabis Stores: Afghan Kush Live Rosin


A few months back we featured Jonathan Hirsh as a Trailblazer from Avana. Their passion for cannabis and process of concentrates is at the forefront of their brand, bringing premium solventless concentrates to the market. Crafting their products with the cannabis connoisseur, they offer live rosin, hash and vape cartridges. Currently only available with the OCS and other select provinces, they feature new cultivars every few months. 

OCS: Lemonberry Haze Live Rosin Pax Pod


Rising out of Hamilton, Ont, Persy Concentrates are currently only available at the OCS. Their Live Rosin Syrup packs robust flavour without the use of extracts or added botanical flavours.

OCS: Animal Face FS Live Rosin Syrup 510 Thread Cartridge


One of the most well-known premium recreational brands in Canada, BLKMKT has recently moved into the solventless concentrates category. Their popular exotic Indica-dominant strain Peanut Butter Mac has been turned into a Live Rosin. This product is now available in Ontario and offers a golden, terpy dabbable concentrate for consumers. Expect more high-quality concentrates from this team.

OCS: Peanut Butter Mac Live Rosin


Another new brand on the scene is Floresense, offering exceptionally high-quality THC distillate and precisely extracted solventless cannabis-derived terpenes for an unrivalled, highly potent vaping experience free of contaminants, lipids, fillers, and waxes.

OCS: Tropic Truffle 510 Cartridge

BC Cannabis Stores: Artist Series Legend OG 510 Cartridge

Beurre Blanc

Putting the “Beau” in boutique cannabis, Beurre Blanc produces curated concentrates using traditional methods and advanced technologies. By combining small-batch craft cannabis (Jet Fuel Gelato X Orange Cookies), ice water, and pressure, Beure Blanc’s rosin is juicy and has a texture similar to taffy. Also, producing flower and cartridges, Beurre Blanc is another company to look out for.

OCS: Crème Fraîche Fresh Press Live Rosin

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Spencer Tropea

Spencer Tropea

Spencer Tropea is a seasoned creative and certified cannabis sommelier with 15 years of experience in PR, design, and photography. He's worked with several prominent cannabis brands across North America, using his unique skills to craft engaging narratives that breathe life into the industry and the passionate people invloved.