In the past year, the Canadian cannabis market has exploded with new products, cultivars, and brands. Despite the overreaching restrictions on LPs placed by Health Canada, LPs have been able to build creative branding to communicate the values behind the bud(and edibles, concentrates, and so on). While each budtender & cannabis worker surely has their opinions on which LP brand is best, here is a look at the brands that stood out to the ADCANN community in 2021.

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Cannabis concentrates can be the most expensive category for a consumer. Roilty, a brand under the Lifeist/CannMart umbrella, seeks to change the way we look at the category through its collection of premium yet affordable concentrates.

The regal branding (a crown & deep purple colour) on every bag gives consumers an idea of what’s to come. With offerings of shatter and live resin, they undercut the existing market while aiming to rise above the quality of their competitors. Consumers all agree Roilty will have you feeling like royalty.

Roilty Logo


The Flowr brand is all about being proud of your cannabis; in the same way one might leave out a fancy bottle of liquor, Flowr encourages its consumers to do the same with their premium flower. Coming from the pre-legalization market, Flowr has built a focused portfolio of sought-after cultivars that show the exceptional quality of “BC Bud”.

Not ones to cut corners, their flower comes in a thick glass jar to preserve the freshness and quality of the product. Their Pink Kush, Black Cherry, and Strawnana are available in various sizes, such as 3.5G, 7G, and 14G – a size for everyone, from the experienced stoner to the curious new consumer.


Early in the year, Alefia Health launched their new collection of recreational brands to the Canadian Market under the Sunday Market banner; a focused collection of brands to address every cannabis consumer. Divvy is their dry-flower forward brand aiming to provide “the best stuff for the least $$$”. Growing outdoors and in hybrid greenhouses, they are able to keep a price range that allows everyone the opportunity to discover their brand (and then stay with it)!

The branding features seemingly hand-drawn symbols & graphics to give a personal feel alongside the light yet warm brown to grace their website and mylar bags. With a collection of dry flower and pre-rolls, Divvy is a stand-out choice for those looking for the best without breaking the bank.


Through creative compliant branding and buzz from consumers, Palmetto has quickly built an iconic brand. Carrying a variety of dry flower & vape cartridges, Palmetto offers products at a competitive price point with exceptional quality. 

Their website features unique branding that marries surrealism art with cannabis culture in order to highlight the wide variety of cultivars carried. Each cultivar has unique artwork that demonstrates how one may view it after visiting a Dhali exhibit – creating curiosity and instant brand recognition amongst consumers and cannabis workers alike.

Palmetto Marketing Material

Back Forty

Starting with vape cartridges and moving into the dry flower/pre-rolls category, Back Forty has built a strong brand with cannabis connoisseurs. Carrying sought-after cultivars such as Wedding Pie & Animal Mints as well as their affordable, flavor-forward cartridges at a competitive price has led to many consumers becoming more than familiar with their metallic grey packaging. Back Forty promises Elevated potency at an unelevated price – a promise their consumers have grown to trust

Their website contrasts the grey packaging by having bright colours with psychedelic-inspired illustrations to represent the brand and products they make. As you scroll through their website, they invite you to “take a trip and explore the back forty,” which the catching brand easily enables.

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William Zorn

William Zorn

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