Canada has been a leader in the global cannabis industry since legalizing recreational use in 2018. As the market continues to grow, cannabis companies in Canada are becoming more creative with their marketing strategies, especially during 4/20, the annual celebration of cannabis culture. With so much competition, it can be a challenge to stand out, but these campaigns managed to do just that. From experiential events to social media campaigns, here are the best 4/20 cannabis campaigns of 2023 in Canada.


Doing a very limited drop for 4/20, Tenzo released a product that anyone who has seen Pineapple Express will fondly remember. Their 2g diamond-infused cross joints, which are rumored to have been designed by MM O’Shaughnessy, our second favourite civil engineer, are perfect for group seshes as they are difficult to light by one person. Coming out just in time for every cannabis consumer’s favourite holiday, these cross joints have been a big hit and demonstrate the viability of limited-edition products in the Canadian market.

Tenzo 4/20 Campaign


The popular vaporizer brand got in on the action announcing the release of their new product, the TOQi Blunt Box. The boxes are hand-crafted, with an ash-wood humidor that preserves the flavor & smoothness of fresh rolls (blunts, joints, pre-rolls) for months. Officially powered by the Boveda humidity packs, the box digitally reports the humidity levels to ensure your blunts, joints or prerolls don’t dry out, keep their terpene potency, and prevents mold or any other funny business. Launching the product pre-sale on 4/20 is a great way to take advantage of the cannabis industry activity on social media and that can be seen in all of the engagements TOQi received on their social posts.

TOQi Blunt Box

Pizza Pizza

Demonstrating that non-cannabis brands can get in on the 4/20 fun, Pizza Pizza had a single-day promotion offering customers four small one-topping pizzas for $20. Partnering with cannabis influencers such as The Cannabinista, Pizza Pizza was able to communicate their limited-time offer to consumers who definitely had the munchies at some point on 4/20. The popularity of the promotion on social media shows that more brands that are aligned with cannabis consumers are able to benefit from 4/20 campaigns.

Pizza Pizza 4/20 Campaign

Ghost Drops

Ghost Drops debuted their new Members Only Mail-order program on 4/20, allowing their pre-approved members (or patients) to purchase for the very first time on that date. To support this launch, they released a humorous commercial that mimics a retro phone sexline from the 80’s that can be watched within their press release. In addition, Ghost Drops was the headline supporter of ICEBOX – a concert and cannabis expo that included performances from Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo from G-Unit.

Ghost Drops 4/20 Campaign

Glenn’s Edibles

One of the top-selling solventless gummy brands, Glenn’s Edibles, launched a successful social media giveaway to help their followers celebrate 4/20. Their Instagram post allowed Glenn’s fans to win 2 tickets to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play in game 5. This campaign utilized the excitement of both the 4/20 holiday and the prospect of watching Toronto’s hockey team advance in the playoffs for the first time in almost two decades. With almost 400 entries, this is undoubtedly one of the most engaging posts and contests to have launched on 4/20 in Canada.

Glenn's Edibles 4/20 Contest

Brands are Active on 4/20

Overall, the cannabis industry in Canada continues to lead the way in developing innovative marketing strategies and 4/20. The 4/20 campaigns showcased in this article demonstrate that cannabis companies can be creative, socially responsible, and inclusive while still promoting their products. As Canada’s cannabis industry continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how companies push the boundaries with their marketing tactics and reach new audiences. With legalization continuing to expand across the world, these campaigns will serve as a source of inspiration for cannabis companies looking to capture the attention of consumers in this rapidly growing industry.

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