Why Partake?

Partake Cannabis is a craft brand from Edmonton, Alberta, that launched their artisanal cannabis in Ontario at the end of November. They’ve been working hard to bring consumers a naturally grown, individually hand-crafted cannabis experience. They prioritize artisanal standards in every step of the cultivation process, from phenohunting to hand-watering and hand-fertilizing plants. They avoid chemical pesticides, carefully hang-dry plants, and hand-trim and package the flower. They value transparency and are proud to test and publish results from every batch of flower so that the difference their attention to detail makes can be seen. Partake is dedicated to producing the finest craft cannabis in the country. Experience the impact that artisanal care and attention make… when you partake!

Partake’s brand ethos is simple – “At Partake, we are dedicated to producing the finest craft cannabis in Canada. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and an unparalleled cannabis experience. We believe in using sustainable and responsible cultivation practices, and in giving back to our community.” 

Partake is so committed to their artisanal standards because they value a holistic and healthy 420 lifestyle. They advocate for the many benefits of cannabis therapy in today’s modern lifestyle.

What is Craft Cannabis?

Partake is redefining what it means to be craft cannabis, as they go above and beyond the OCS requirements for the craft designation. As we know, the OCS defines craft cannabis as dried flower that is hang-dried, hand-trimmed, hand-packaged, and grown in a small-batch facility (one that produces less than 10,000 kg of dried cannabis a year). Partake goes above and beyond as they ensure a soil-grown, pesticide-free, nonirradiated product – features that consumers are looking for when shopping craft. Partake is focused on promoting a healthy 420 lifestyle and is proud to provide a product that is clean and free from additives.

Partake grows in soil: Cultivating cannabis in soil offers a holistic approach, nurturing plants with a rich blend of nutrients essential for optimal growth. Soil’s natural composition promotes microbial activity, aiding in nutrient absorption and plant health. This method supports sustainable and organic practices, which align perfectly with Partake’s mission.

No pesticides: Cultivating cannabis without the use of pesticides ensures purity and safety for consumers. It aligns with organic principles, minimizes environmental harm, and appeals to health-conscious individuals seeking natural, untainted products.

Fertilized by hand: Hand fertilizing cannabis plants allows for precise nutrient management and tailoring formulations to meet specific growth stages and plant needs. It minimizes the risk of over-fertilization, preventing nutrient burn and other issues.

Never irradiated: Irradiating involves subjecting cannabis to ionizing radiation to eradicate pathogens and prolong shelf life, although it may alter the product’s characteristics in the process. Not irradiating cannabis allows the buds to maintain their natural attributes, including flavor and potency.

Partake Cannabis Team

Artisanal Cannabis – By Hand makes all the difference

Partake is 100% committed to the highest artisanal standards and they take great care in every step of the cultivation process. What sets Partake apart from the competition is their attention to detail. They’re able to put out a consistently beautiful, potent product because there are no machines in sight. In a time when we have so much innovation at our fingertips, Partake chooses to do everything by hand because a personal touch makes all the difference. Studies have shown how plants thrive while being treated with kindness, and doing everything by hand allows Partake to provide the best possible environment for their cannabis plants.

Hand Watered: Watering the plants by hand helps to promote better nutrient absorption and root development. It also allows the grower to carefully observe and adjust the watering schedule, reducing the risk of over or underwatering the plants. The result? Healthy cannabis plants!

Hand Harvested: Hand-picking the buds ensures careful selection, minimizing damage to the trichomes and making it easier for the trimming crew to be as efficient as possible. Hand harvesting promotes a deeper connection with the plants (they love that), fosters a more attentive approach to cultivation, and enhances the overall quality of the bud.

Hand Trimmed: Trimming the buds by hand ensures meticulous attention to detail, allowing the trimmers to inspect every bud for quality while preserving the structural integrity of the buds and maintaining their aesthetic appeal. This artisanal approach allows for the removal of excess leaves and stems with precision, enhancing the overall quality of the product.

Hand Packaged: Hand packaging ensures careful handling and presentation, reflecting craftsmanship and dedication – everything consumers have come to expect from Partake.

How should you… Partake?

Punch Mints (Platinum Punch Remix x Platinum Kush Mints) is an uplifting hybrid with a complex flavour profile. With a sweet nose with strong sour undertones and notes of cream and cheese, Punch Mints is perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, a park hang, or a pre-concert treat. Available in Alberta and Ontario.

Orange Squeeze (Orange Tree x Mimosa) is like having a glass of orange juice – the perfect way to start your day. This uplifting hybrid is very citrus forward with complex notes of vanilla, bergamot, and clove. Orange Squeeze is great to wake and bake with and perfect before a hike or walk. Available in Alberta and Ontario.

Unicorn Poop (Sophisticated Lady x GMO) is a relaxing hybrid that can only be described as pure magic, delight, and bliss. Herbaceous with notes of honey, earth, and cheese, Unicorn Poop will carry you away to another land. Perfect as an after-dinner or post-activity treat. Available in Alberta.

Partake Cannabis Products

The Future of Partake

As the cannabis industry advances and consumers become more educated and sophisticated, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Partake’s artisanal practices become the benchmark for Canadian craft cannabis producers, both recreational and medical. It won’t be long before customers begin demanding the same amount of transparency and care that Partake brings from every craft LP.

Hez Murphy

Hez Murphy

Hez is an industry professional with a background in communications and Public Relations. They’re a prominent queer advocate within the cannabis industry, and have a flair for building relationships wherever they go.