In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, where innovation and creative compliance are key, Smaller Agency Ltd. has broken through the noise with their latest work for Entourage Health, the parent company of Color Cannabis, Starseed Medicinal, Royal City Cannabis Co and more. Dime Bag is a fresh new cannabis brand born with a clear vision: to offer high-quality cannabis products, each priced at just $10. What sets it apart, however, is not just its affordability but the thoughtful marketing and branding strategy behind it.

Dime Bag’s Brand Aesthetic and Inspiration

At the heart of Dime Bag’s branding is a concept as simple as it is brilliant – the $10 bill. Smaller Agency Ltd. thoughtfully selected a colour palette that mirrors the purple Pantone shades of the iconic Canadian banknote, creating an immediate visual connection with consumers. But the theme doesn’t stop there. The design approach extends to the printing press style often associated with the production of dollar bills, infusing every visual aspect of the brand with its mission to provide quality at an affordable price.

The name “Dime Bag” harnesses the undeniable power of nostalgia. “Dime Bag” is a term that many cannabis consumers are familiar with that originated in the pre-legal market that plainly means “a bag of cannabis sold for $10”. The name instantly communicates the brand’s price and value proposition and taps into the psyche of pre-legal cannabis consumers.

Smaller Agency Dime Bag

Further, Smaller Agency has infused the brand’s retail assets and communications with a dose of ’90s references. This era represents a time when cannabis was less complicated, and the brand successfully captures that spirit. From playful graphics to retro designs, Dime Bag uses nostalgia as a communication tool to convey its core values of simplicity and accessibility.

The magic of Dime Bag goes beyond aesthetics; successfully utilizing storytelling and creating a unique experience. Smaller Agency Ltd. has cleverly embedded hidden messages and design cues throughout the brand’s visuals. These elements serve as an invitation to a journey of discovery for consumers and budtenders alike. Phrases like “Uncomplicate Cannabis” and the witty play on words with “Dank of Canada” (a nod to the “Bank of Canada”) add layers of depth and intrigue. Even braille messages have been incorporated, ensuring that Dime Bag is inclusive and accessible to all, just like the currency the brand is based on.

Building a Complete Brand Experience

Unlike many “budget” cannabis brands found in Canada, Dime Bag’s messaging has a clear value proposition and target market. Instead of promising vaguely “low prices” or “good value”, Dime Bag plays on nostalgic terms that cannabis enthusiasts have been using for decades prior to legalization while infusing a uniquely Canadian aesthetic by playing off the $10 bill currency.

However, Smaller Agency’s work on Dime Bag transcends just mere branding. They’ve meticulously crafted a number of retail assets, designed an engaging website, and curated captivating social media content for the brand’s launch. All of this results in a holistic and immersive brand experience that seamlessly integrates the online and offline worlds. Because of this, Dime Bag isn’t just a product; it’s a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve and expand, Dime Bag and Smaller Agency stand out as a shining example of innovation in marketing, branding, and advertising. Retailers and consumers should keep an eye out for Dime Bag products – coming soon. With its resonant message and distinctive branding, Dime Bag is poised to win the hearts of both cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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