The pandemic has been bringing cannabis sales to new heights. While everyone is locked down, a lot of people are depending on a good reliable cannabis accessory brand. Luckily, Americans have voted on their top cannabis accessory brands of 2020, and the top five are, RAW, PAX, PuffCo, Grav, and Levo.

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GRAV is a brand designed for the youth, with their blogs and videos for their website, you can see that everyone is young and happy. The brand also uses really cool video effects to help promote their products and that being high makes going on an adventure more fun. GRAV also has videos of each product series and how it came about, which is extremely engaging for a consumer to come across. 

GRAV uses their multimedia skills to enhance its website and make their brand memorable. The logo is unique and gives off an “I’m too cool for you” vibe, which attracts younger adults. GRAV uses youthfulness to help with their promotions because the brand knows that a lot of their flashy cool accessories are not exactly what an older generation smoker would be looking for, and therefore they market their brand toward the younger generation. 

GRAV sells a variety of products for different ways of inhaling smoke, such as hand pipes, bubblers, water pipes, vaporizers and even, one-hitters. GRAV has its own apparel and sells a magnitude of accessories from glass bowls to grinders and rolling trays. GRAV is very consumer-friendly and makes smoking cannabis exciting again.

GRAV American Cannabis Accessory Brand


LEVO is one of the coolest American cannabis accessory brands on the market these days. This brand has perfected the process of discovering natural paths to wellness. LEVO uses the process of a herbal infusion, by extracting the components of the whole plant, including all the nutritional, therapeutic, and medical benefits from the plant. LEVO’s new technology is designed exclusively for infusing the THC into oil and butter for edibles. 

When you visit LEVO’s website you can tell it is clean looking, minimal, and easy to navigate. LEVO is definitely branding towards mature men and women who are over the days of coughing out a lung, and instead are interested in new technological ways to use cannabis that won’t leave a mess or smell up the house; which could be appealing for users who don’t want others knowing they’re high. 

Customers seem to be satisfied with this brand and their products. Many comments are about how well the machine works, and the limited smell. The customers who would be drawn to this brand would be people who would like to take cannabis extremely discreetly. The brand’s best products are the LEVO I and the LEVO II., available in five colors with a three-year warranty on all LEVO products. The products are dishwasher safe, and no emulsifiers, solvents, or additives are required. 



PAX is one of America’s newest cannabis brands and was an award-winning consumer technology brand in 2018. The brand is committed to making premium and discreet loose leaf and extracts vaporizer products. With PAX, their objective is to design unique vaporizers that stand out within a market filled with different vape brands.

Their newest product, the PAX ERA is very similar looking to the JUUL tobacco vaporizer, which has allowed their branding to become similar to JUUL, except as an expensive unique cannabis product, you won’t find anywhere else. The vapes are small, trendy and you can get their newest vape in four different colours, appealing to the youth and experienced vaporizer concurs. By creating the “PAX App,” the brand stands out among others as being technologically focused. 

PAX sells four different types of wireless vapes; the PAX 3, ERA PRO, PAX 2, and ERA. PAX 3 is the brand’s newest product, which can be used for both oil and flower. The colour comes in onyx, sand, burgundy, and sage. The device takes about 90 mins to charge up and has a 3500 mAH battery, with the temperature ranging between 360 – 420 F. High-end and reliable brands, PAX consumers will never be disappointed.



The brand began in 2013 when the CEO wanted more than what the industry was offering. PuffCo is considered to be one of the best and biggest brands for vape pens, however, before PuffCo most vaporizers utilized fibrous wicks, and glues that held the bowl or coil in place. PuffCo came on the scene to show how technology is continuously getting more advanced, especially in the cannabis world. 

PuffCo’s brand slogan is not settling for good enough, because good enough isn’t greatness. The website is filled with young adults enjoying being individually themselves, and they stand out as a young, fresh and exciting brand because they have an in-house design and engineering team, always coming up with new ideas that are better than the last. 

The brand offers only concentrate products, but in the best way possible through its award-winning vape pens. The vape pens are called PuffCo Plus which consumers have agreed is fast charging with long battery life. The second most popular product is their Peak Pro, which has Bluetooth capabilities and is app-enabled to control the heat setting, bowl temperature, daily dabs, and total dabs. Not to mention, you can also customize the Peak Pro’s LED lights. A high-end, technology-driven brand, PuffCo, is a brand made for both the inexperienced and the experienced in smoking concentrates. 



RAW was one of the first-ever cannabis accessory brands, starting in 1993 with imported specialty rolling paper and smoking paraphernalia. Since day one, the brand has been a leader in the rolling paper industry. Their objective is to produce the most natural unbleached, unrefined rolling papers, ever. 

You know a RAW product when you see it. The branding is brilliant because it’s simple and eye-catching. The letters RAW are in red and the pack is the colour of bark. The colours try to symbolize the brand’s RAW, natural-self aesthetic. The brand goes by the slogan “The natural way to roll,” implying the paper is a healthy alternative and is made from all-natural ingredients. 

RAW mainly sells different sizes of RAW rolling papers, as well as RAW cones, RAW rolling tips, rolling trays and accessories, hemp wicks, grinders, and a lot more. RAW’s website is greatly detailed, which allows customers to know more about the brand and the products without having to click through a million things. Many cannabis smokers who are against tobacco will usually buy RAW papers instead. RAW has been around for so long, it is a staple for many millennials. 


Innovative American Cannabis Accessory Brands

As a result, one of the similarities between the brands is that they need to be unique from each other. None of these brands have similar branding or products. Each brand is their own and therefore develops a kind of similarity between them. Another similarity that comes to mind is their use of technology and trying to make the utmost of it. RAW used technology to figure out the best and healthiest rolling paper. PAX and PuffCo used technology at the forefront of their brand by introducing an app to control their vaporizers. GRAV uses technology to help come up with the best pipe designs for smoother inhales. And lastly, LEVO’s brand is based on the new technology that can make almost anything edible. In conclusion, all five brands are similar and unique in their own ways.

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