We’re excited to announce that we’ve upgraded our agency directory to have more features and functionalities!

The First Comprehensive Directory of Cannabis Marketing Agencies

Agencies are an important part of the cannabis marketing ecosystem. These creative and consulting companies help licensed cultivators navigate the confusing and always-changing regulatory framework to create real connections with cannabis consumers.

To date, there has been no comprehensive list or directory of marketing, advertising and branding agencies that work with clients in the cannabis world. Since the space has so many unique (and local) regulations, rules, and consumer considerations, cannabis companies typically want to work with agencies that have previous experience in the industry. 

That is why we have created our new-and-improved ADCANN Agency Directory for the North American cannabis industry. This website will be the best and only comprehensive informational list of companies that assist cannabis companies with marketing practices. Agencies will be able to communicate all of their offerings and past work to potential customers, clients, partners and investors on the ADCANN Agency Directory.

Do you own a cannabis agency? You can start the process yourself today.

How the Agency Directory Works

To get started, click the “Add a listing” button in the top right and create an account for your agency. Once your account has been set up, you can add a listing for your agency, an event, or a job posting.

Agency Directory Packages

The basic listings are free and include a customizable page in the agency directory, a designated contact form, and a built-in analytics dashboard. If you’re interested in having more exposure without the work of setting it up, we also offer premium packages for $50 a month.

The premium packages include a featured listing in the directory, the ability to display video content, a 7-day banner ad in the ADCANN blog and an addition to our agency Story highlights on Instagram. If you’re interested in a premium package, please reach out to info@box5828.temp.domains

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see your listing soon!

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Last Updated on April 7, 2020 by ADCANN



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