While Canadian retailers & producers are seeking to grow their brands, they look to the matured American market to see excellence in branding & operations. MSOs, or Multi-State Operators, have grown outside of where they had their humble beginnings to become a phenomenon across the United States through unique offerings, consistent brand messaging, unique marketing strategies, and of course, top-shelf cannabis.

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Chill Medicated

Chill Medicated ensures consumers in the United States stay both chill, and medicated on every occasion by providing a unique variety of cannabis-infused products. They are known for their dedication to providing superb, safe, and delicious cannabis-infused chocolate, with a focus on quality, safety, and social responsibility. Acknowledging the demand for alternative cannabis products, they offer body rubs and topicals that are designed to provide relief from inflammation and body pain. Chill Medicated products are sourced, produced, and tested in Michigan, but their CBD Body Rub is legal in 50 states and contains 2000 mg of pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory CBD. With a focus on relieving pain, inflammation, skin conditions, and other ailments with natural ingredients they provide other products such as; the RELAX Body Rub which matches individuals with moderate aches and pains who don’t want to take another pill.  The MAXX Body Rub which is Ideal for helping with chronic pain, and finally the EXTREME X Body Rub which helps with extreme chronic pain anywhere on the body. Chill Medicated remains passionate and committed to becoming a force of nature with a singular mission: to be a beacon of healing in the world, which has landed them on this year’s MSO Brand OTY ADCANN awards.

The Cannabist Company

Drawing on over a decade of expertise, The Cannabist Company is entering the next decade as a trusted and experienced cannabis entity in the U.S. This transition goes beyond a mere rebranding; it signifies a profound reemergence. In 2021, The Cannabist was introduced as their retail platform—a welcoming, straightforward, and destigmatized shopping experience. You may have heard or observed one of their many brands; Hedy (focuses on cannabis-infused edibles) PRESS (hardpressed THC tablets), AMBER (live resin cart line), Seed & Strain (socially good flower and alternatives), Triple Seven (with a focus on top-shelf quality), and Classix both a cannabis and lifestyle brand that provides bud and more.

Fueled by passion and purpose, The Cannabist Company aims to deliver an elevated experience to all individuals who step through their doors, irrespective of where they find themselves on their cannabis journey. The community associated with The Cannabist Company embodies the essence of being a Cannabist, sharing a collective higher calling to establish an accessible, fair, and interconnected cannabis industry. As Cannabists, they actively contribute to building the bridge to the future through their dedication to communities, the potential of the cannabis plant, and their teams.


Cookies is a leading lifestyle and cannabis brand in North America, known for its high-quality cannabis products and accessories. Selling flower, concentrates, extracts, pre-rolls, gel caps, vape carts, and more they emphasize quality, consistency, freshness, scent, and flavour in their cannabis products. With locations all across the state of California, their flagship stores are in Los Angeles (Melrose and Maywood) and Redding. With over 45 retail locations in 17 markets across 5 countries Cookies has established itself as a trailblazing multi-state operation that partners with other cannabis companies such as Culta in Maryland to expand its reach and offer its products in different regions. They also actively work to support communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs through advocacy and social equity initiatives such as Cookies for Kids’ Cancer where Cookies collaborated with the charity organization “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer,” which aims to advance the development of new treatments for children battling cancer. They work with corporate supporters and raise funds through initiatives like bake sales and the Tough Cookie collection, where children fighting cancer select their favorite cookie and share their journey with a personalized box of cookies.

Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs is a vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operator with a focus on normalizing and professionalizing the cannabis industry. They have a portfolio of in-house cultivated and manufactured brands and operate owned and operated dispensaries under the Sunnyside brand. These dispensaries aim to provide a welcoming and positive environment for customers at any stage of their cannabis journey, offering high-quality products and a focus on education and community support. Redefining what it means to be a leader in this burgeoning market Cresco Labs established a vast network that enables them to connect with a broad customer base with licenses in key markets such as Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and Ohio. They diversify their portfolio with unparalleled selections of flower, edibles concentrates and more. From beginner-friendly options to expertly crafted strains for connoisseurs, Cresco Labs seeks to meet the unique needs of every cannabis consumer.

Their commitment to innovation and social good has proven to work for them as their most recent financial results show strong performance in the third quarter of 2023. Cresco Labs’ unique position as a trailblazing MSO is undeniable. With a vast presence, comprehensive product portfolio, focus on innovation, commitment to social responsibility, and adherence to regulations, Cresco Labs is reshaping the cannabis industry. As the company continues to lead by example, it sets a high standard for other MSOs and cultivates a future where cannabis is recognized for its potential to enrich lives and drive positive change.


The future is bright for the cannabis industry according to the founder and CEO Boris Jordan of Curaleaf who foresees a major rebound for the cannabis industry in 2024, driven by new markets and legislative shifts. Amidst the ever-expanding cannabis industry, Curaleaf has emerged as a prominent and trailblazing MSO. The company is headquartered in New York City. Founded in 2010, it produces and distributes cannabis products in North America, operating dispensaries in 19 states. Curaleaf’s extensive national presence sets it apart as a frontrunner in the MSO space. With operations in over 23 states, Curaleaf has positioned itself as one of the largest cannabis companies in the United States. This expansive reach allows them to tap into diverse markets, creating a strong network and establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Curaleaf’s integration across the cannabis supply chain is a key element that makes them unique. With cultivation, processing, and retail capabilities, they have a comprehensive grasp of the industry from seed to sale. This vertical integration enables Curaleaf to maintain quality control, ensure consistency, and optimize efficiency in delivering its products to consumers, setting a high standard for other MSOs.

Curaleaf’s journey in the cannabis industry continues to be a compelling narrative of growth, innovation, and positive community impact. The latest news showcases the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries, meeting the evolving needs of consumers, and contributing to the broader cannabis conversation. Keep an eye on Curaleaf for more exciting developments as it navigates the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry.

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