For any seasoned cannabis user, the Cannabis Accessory Brand holds a crucial role in shaping the overall experience, rivalling the significance of the substance being consumed. Yet, discovering the ideal accessory proves to be a challenging endeavour. Each consumer harbours a unique set of requirements, necessitating them to sift through numerous recommendations, reviews, and retailers before discovering the perfect match. The presented list of accessories is a testament to the cannabis community’s discernment, spotlighting products that seamlessly blend quality and innovation, eliciting satisfaction and bliss among those who have dedicated time to exploration. 

The finalists for Accessory Brand of the Year in 2023, as recognized by the cannabis community, are showcased below. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to vote for your favourite Cannabis Accessory Brand in the 2023 ADCANN Awards.


BOXHOT Glow Sticks

BOXHOT offers a variety of unique and bold products, though when you make a big cartridge, you’re gonna need a bigger pen. BOXHOT made waves in the market when they released a 1.2g cartridge – however, they stood out on the average, skinny battery.

The BOXHOT GLOWSTICKS is a button-activated 510-threaded vape battery with micro-USB charging. Noticeably bigger than the average battery, its 510-thread vape cartridge battery comes with adjustable temperature, 650mAh, preheat function, 3 heat settings, and touting more capacity than the competition. Now both their carts and batteries will stand out, as their glow sticks can fill a room with light, and smoke at the same time.

Zig Zag

Zig Zag has been around for what feels like quite literally forever. Their brand of rolling papers boasts a legacy spanning nearly 150 years, meaning Zig Zag was enabling those sweet sweet trips before our grandparents were even a thought. They continue to drive cannabis rollers to their next high to this day.

Zig Zag originated in France towards the close of the 19th century. The brand’s inception traces back to a French soldier who, after having his pipe shot out of his hand, resorted to improvisation for smoking tobacco. Using a piece of paper, he fashioned a cigarette, and the tale of this ingenuity gained traction. As the story disseminated, it became the inspiration for the Zig Zag brand. The term “Zouave” refers to a French infantryman from the late 1800s, often recognized by his distinctive red and blue uniform, a motif that still graces Zig Zag rolling papers.

Canadian Lumber

Canadian Lumber Ltd, began operations in 2017 and has exclusive contracts with multiple government-run and privately-owned dispensaries. They have products in 31 U.S. states and a global presence stretching beyond Australia. As a cannabis accessory product brand that provides top-notch, all-natural tools for the storage, preparation, and consumption of smokable products, the cornerstone of Canadian Lumber’s product line is its natural rolling paper trifecta – The Hippy, The Greens, and The Woods. They’ve pursued comprehensive certifications, undergone third-party testing, and established a thorough quality assurance program. Their dedication to their values of honesty, responsibility, and quality has landed them on this year’s Accessory Brand OTY finalists.

West Coast Gifts

West Coast Gifts has been providing high-quality hand pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and smoking accessories for over 25 years. As a prime storefront in, (you guessed it) the West Coast, they are known as the premier designer, manufacturer, and distributor of award-winning glass pipes, vaporizers, and smoking accessories for cannabis enthusiasts in North America. Their extensive catalog boasts over 7,000 products, all competitively priced, complemented by swift shipping, and backed by exceptional customer service. Whether you’re looking for a lobster claw pipe or Doggy Doob Dog Toy, West Coast Gifts is a sure spot to check first.

The Happy Company

As a pioneering social entrepreneurship brand in Toronto, THC leads the innovation industry. The company strives to establish a responsible cannabis community, promoting mindful and sustainable practices while working harmoniously with artists, budtenders, manufacturers, and government organizations to ensure the highest standards and reliability in all products and services. Each product offered by THC is carefully chosen to meet high-quality standards, catering to the refined taste of Cannaseurs. This brand focuses on spreading joy through innovative accessories, merchandise, and educational resources. THC takes pride in consistently delivering products that bring joy to its clients. 


More than just a provider of accessories, The Happy Company (THC) sees itself as a community hub. Recognized by the OCS Canada Scholarship and honoured as a three-time AdCann Best Canadian Brand, THC draws inspiration from its Toronto roots to drive quality and community excellence throughout its journey.


Ganja Containers

Ganja Containers is a small Michigan-based cannabis Packaging and container manufacturing company that came about in 2022. Today, they aim to revolutionize how individuals experience consumption through captivating containers. From initial concept to final execution, they have created solutions designed to inspire and leave a lasting impression on novice and kush connoisseurs alike. While allowing consumers to personalize and explore a complete range of colours for their doop types, they also ensure the Child Resistant Packaging comes with CR certification and backs their products with a Satisfaction Guarantee.


For many, RAW is a household name. The real question is, who hasn’t been introduced to this well-known bleach-less hemp rolling paper? Josh Kesselman created RAW with a vision to produce the most natural rolling paper on the market. The inspiration struck in Gainesville, Florida, after Kesselman was disappointed by a “natural” cigarette sporting bleached, white paper. When originally bringing RAW to manufacturers, Kesselman was laughed out of boardrooms and told “no one wants to smoke a paper bag”. Kesselman got the last laugh, as the public LOVED RAW.

While spread far & wide from smoke-circles and word of mouth, now in today’s legal space Kesselman advertises RAW papers & all his countless inventions designed to enjoy your smoke just a little bit more across Instagram & TikTok. Countless paper variations, tips, joint holders, packers, smoke-friendly apparel, a full-on charity, and even a facemask with a joint hole – RAW truly has it all for the distinguished toker.


Driven by dissatisfaction with questionable quality and outdated technology, Dr.Dabber was founded in 2013 with the mission to create a superior vaporizer. As a technology-driven vaporizer company, Dr.Dabber is committed to crafting products tailored to customers’ specific needs, with a focus on utilizing the finest materials and establishing a top-notch customer support team.

They offer a comprehensive range of award-winning vaporizers designed to meet diverse preferences. A staple being the Dr.Dabber Ghost, a highly acclaimed vaporizer pen, created by their engineers and designers dedicated to enhancing every aspect of the vaping experience. Their products are backed by an industry-leading warranty which sets them apart from many.

Dr.Dabbers understands the importance of remaining committed to the customer’s needs, which has landed them on this year’s Accessory Brand OTY.


Veosa is a high-end cannabis accessory brand that focuses on premium materials, and a luxury design. Offering exquisite cannabis products like the brass rolling wand, brass spoon and joint holder, 24k gold toothpicks, and the limited stock ceramic rolling tray. If you believe there is beauty in the details then Veosa is a brand that will stand out to you, as they focus on adding a unique human touch with handmade, unique products. The continued niche market being met by Veosa earned its spot this year as a contender for Accessory Brand OTY.

In the dynamic landscape of cannabis accessories, the finalists for Accessory Brand of the Year shine as innovators and paragons of excellence. Their pioneering designs and unwavering dedication to enhancing the cannabis user experience redefine the standard for exceptional accessories. As we applaud their distinctive narratives, it becomes evident that these finalists transcend traditional industry leadership; they emerge as trailblazers shaping the future of cannabis accessories, embarking on an extraordinary journey toward distinction and customer-centric excellence in this specialized realm.

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