Social media remains one of the most important communication channels for legal cannabis companies in North America. The majority of traditional marketing options are still either prohibited under law or are too expensive for most cannabis companies operating today. That means that social media and other digital online presences are typically the most effective means of building brand loyalty and awareness with cannabis consumers. This year’s finalists survived the complicated web of digital and government regulations to create meaningful connections through social media.

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Endgame is a legacy-to-legal brand that has been offering quality extracts for a decade. The brand consistently posts on social media across several channels and boasts a substantial following. Endgame is known for its epic activations at events and conferences across Canada, with much of its content focused on recapping and promoting these engaging in-person experiences. Endgame showcases the people and consumers that make its brand special through interview series and video content. Follow them at @truetothegame710 for truly unique content.


Shred is a brand out of Moncton, New Brunswick, under the LP Organigram. Regularly hosting giveaways and being active on their Instagram is just a small part of the work they put into growing their online social presence. They also utilize Instagram’s story highlight feature to keep viewers engaged and informed. With highlight reels like “How to Shred” among others, Shred aims to do more than just raise your highs to new heights online. With the @shredcann account touting over 5000+ Instagram followers, it’s no surprise that Shred has made the finalists of this year’s 2023 ADCANN awards.


Roilty based in Toronto, Ontario, is the in-house concentrates brand of Licensed Producer CannMart. Utilizing simple text and royal colours of purple and yellow, they embrace their position as a small-batch producer, allowing for meticulous attention to detail in the cultivation and processing of their cannabis products. What sets Roilty apart is its commitment to a diverse and carefully curated selection of strains, showcasing a deep understanding of the nuanced preferences of cannabis enthusiasts. By offering a range of distinct and high-quality strains and effectively using their @royltyconcentrates_ IG account, Roilty appeals to connoisseurs who appreciate the craftsmanship and individuality inherent in each product. This focus on quality, and uniqueness, positions Roilty as a standout choice for consumers seeking a premium and specialized craft cannabis experience in the very competitive Ontario market.


BOXHOT is another craft cannabis brand found at the top-shelf of stores across the nation. With unique products like the Gold Blunt Pre-roll, and Cherry Kush Disty Dabber, thinking outside of the box goes without saying with this brand. Featuring products like “BOXHOT FATTIES” an Exotic Blunt smoking experience.  With these power-infused blunts BOXHOT sets itself apart from the majority, as a lifestyle cannabis brand. You may have caught BOXHOT branding online or on the back of a connoisseur alike.


Spinach, a newer cannabis brand under the medical cannabis company Cronos Group, launched in 2021. Just in time for the holidays this year with their “Cotton Candy Kush”, and “Rocket Icicle” cartridges, Spinach encapsulated what it means to be a fun and friendly brand that provides quality cannabis, edibles, and more. Spinach has launched various products across provincial stores nationwide. Spinach embraces the festivities as much if not more than most, with vibrant green and red colors utilized with their SOURZ edible gummies. Since launching in 2021, They achieved status in January of 2023 as the top-selling edible brand in Canada, capturing a large market share of the total edibles category. These cannabis edibles deliver bold fruit flavor in a distinctive “S” shaped gummy with a sour and sweet profile, featuring proprietary flavor-masking technology. They also have strongly touted GMO cookies flower, or Frosted Cream Puffs pre-rolls if you prefer to burn. Touting a healthy 5000+ followers, they are interactive and produce content often.



So what does HYMAN mean? Pronounced [High-Man], HYMAN is a luxury lifestyle brand providing products that ensure you are the “Highest man, or woman in the room”.  Utilizing a cultivation team consisting of over 50 industry professionals in a large 30,000 sq. ft canopy. HYMAN continues to source the latest and greatest genetics through rigorous phenohunts while strategically working with licensed retailers throughout the state of Michigan to distribute and educate their community on their limited HYMAN flower. Utilizing progressive, culture-relevant ideas and designs, they grab the attention of consumers both young and old. Having garnered over 17,000 followers on Instagram, HYMAN has earned its spot as a finalist in this year’s USA Best Social Media award.

House of Dank

House of Dank is the first recreational marijuana retailer to open its doors in Traverse City. Hailing from Detroit, House of Dank is active both online, and offline across Michigan. A state where legalized medical cannabis use has been in effect since 2008. With a healthy 8000+ followers on their Instagram page at this time of writing, they are also active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. House of Dank utilizes an intimate contrast of black and white to reach out to young and old.


With over 6000 followers on Facebook, and nearly 4000 followers on Instagram, GREAT•ful is leveraging its brand online to both inform and excite consumers looking for top-of-the-line CBD products. Their product line includes gummies, oils, and creams that are extracted through a proprietary method that ensures premium CBD that functions the way you do.


Cookies is one of the largest global cannabis brands in the world. Cookies is well-known as both a cannabis brand and a lifestyle apparel company, with numerous celebrity and mainstream brand collaborations. The brand touts millions of followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Bud’s Goods & Provisions

Buds Goods & Provisions is a cannabis storefront based in Worcester, Abington, and Watertown. Bud’s offers the largest selection of cannabis products at the best value across all of Massachusetts.

With over 5000 followers on their Instagram page, Bud’s gives a human touch to their social presence, highlighting team members from their stores, sponsoring local events, and hosting initiatives to support the community. They’re currently running a 12 Daze of Bud’s Social Campaign on their Instagram which features them partnering with locally owned businesses to give back to the community.

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