2023 has been as innovative as it has been competitive. Brands and marketers spend countless hours creating innovative packaging as a means to remain locked into consumers’ minds and hearts while remaining compliant with the government’s strict regulations.

Here is the final round of contestants for ADCANN’s best packaging design award.

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Wyld Compostable Packaging

2022 ADCANN Winners, Wyld Canada has a love for nature, and it indeed shows in their packaging. The American-born brand transitioned into the Canadian market and brought their natural holistic products and marketing with them.

These values are reflected in their compostable packaging that is 100% biodegradable and made from renewable resources like BioPBS, Wood Pulp, and Bio Resins – including all the adhesives, zippers, and inks! 

Wyld recognizes that the Canadian cannabis industry (especially edibles) produces large amounts of waste, and single-use plastics are not sustainable. Wyld’s clean design aesthetic puts them back on ADCANN’s best packaging finalist list for the second year in a row!

Tribal Live Resin Vape Cart

Tribal is a cannabis cultivator that offers premium cannabis with rare genetics that is hang-dried, slow-cured, and hand-trimmed, but their premium cannabis doesn’t stop there, their top notch packaging keeps 

Tribal not only offers flower, but a variety of cannabis products including their unique Tribal UNI Pro ARK, a tool for cartridges of all sizes with magnetic 510 thread adapters among other features. Tribal also offers a “genetic collection” of batteries, each representing one of the brand’s strains, that allows for customizable amounts of voltage and thus an adjustable heat/burn rate. With each of these designs comes a unique colour and even more unique cartridge. With brightly-coloured mouthpieces to draw from, you’ll taste the rare genetics and high terpene count with each draw.

Cookies Ice Cream Tub

Cookies began with two visionary founders in a San Francisco garage, and has remained true to their roots while evolving their strains and the industry as a whole. With flavours unique as their packaging, Cookies sets themselves apart from most brands by utilising an Ice cream tub shaped container for their flowers that was developed in partnership with Final Bell. Inside of this tub is a semi-opaque blue plastic jar that contains the cannabis inside of it. This unique packaging style was launched exclusively in Canada first and will soon be introduced into the American and international markets. The Ice Cream Tub plays into the “Cookies” dessert strain theme and branding. This is definitely one of the best examples of innovation as it pertains to cannabis industry packaging.

Ghost Drops Jars

Ghost Drops is one of Canada’s top craft cannabis brands that is prominently known for its trailblazing marketing and branding. Ghost Drops is recognized as the first legacy brand in Canada to introduce “strain stickers” and strain-specific visual marketing and branding. With these playful, colourful, iconic strain stickers, Ghost Drops creates visually-appealing beauty packaging that is displayed online and in-stores. Ghost Drops launched into the market in 2021 with their notorious pink glass jars, as one of the very first brands to offer coloured glass jars. Ghost Drops also offers half ounce bags that they called “Slimebags” with unique branding.

Freedom Cannabis Nitrotins

Freedom Cannabis is a licensed producer of cannabis products based in Acheson, Alberta. They are proud to be a values-driven organization that embraces a culture of sustainability, compassion with passion, transparency, and innovation. Freedom Cannabis launched its product line in recyclable steel containers called “Nitrotins”. Originally popularized in the legacy market, Freedom Cannabis is one of the first and only legal cannabis brands to use “tuna can” style packaging in Canada. This packaging is nostalgic and connects with consumers who previously bought this type of product in the pre-legal market. Furthermore, Nitrotins promise to preserve cannabis terpenes and aromas, extending shelf life from “months to years” – which is important for freshness and quality.



GREAT-ful is a unique cannabis brand in that it doesn’t offer products with psychoactive ingredients (or THC). With a complete line of products (including one for dogs), this cannabis brand focuses solely on CBD-dominant products. Working to inform and heal, Great-ful utilizes its own hemp to yield top quality terpenes, CBG, and CBC extracting these compounds ensuring top quality full-spectrum CBD. They offer this “Ultra CBD” in a distinct dropper bottle with their “Ultra Delivery System” (UDS), as well as CBD Oil, CBD Creme, and Greatful Paws, a full-spectrum pure CBD and MCT Oil  made to aid pets vitality with non-psyhoactive ingredients.


Three-time ADCANN America finalist, Wyld exclusively caters to edible consumers to create best-in-class cannabis edibles using real fruit and natural flavours. With a love for nature, this West Coast-born brand has taken a natural holistic approach to their products and marketing. 

Wyld’s brand in America features gorgeous packaging with distinguished shapes and designs that communicate the flavours contained within. The unique shape of the boxes is magical, reminiscent of the packaging of the chocolate frogs in Harry Potter while the artwork to tell you exactly what you’re getting pears quite well.


Jeeter is well known in the USA as a cannabis lifestyle brand that offers sought-after cannabis products, apparel, experiences and events. Jeeter’s “Baby Jeeter” pre-rolls come in high quality jars that protect the pre-rolls from being damaged. Their “Jeeter Juice” vape pens featuring bright and colourful packaging with drippy live resin and fruity visuals. For the holidays, Jeeter is offering limited-time “jingle bell” beauty packaging that contains two new strains – one “naughty” and one “nice”. Jeeter is known for offering sports-themed packaging like their World Cup infused pre-roll pack and their Jeeter x Highsman drop that looks like a football locker room but contains a vape pen and other infused products. Jeeter’s packaging is undeniably creative, innovative and groundbreaking.


Founded in 2010 by Billboard-charting rapper and entrepreneur Berner and Bay Area breeder and cultivator Jai. Cookies values the power of the plant and focuses on creating game-changing genetics. The company offers a collection of over 70 proprietary cannabis cultivars and more than 2,000 products. Cookies actively works to enrich communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs through advocacy and social equity initiatives. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company opened its first retail store in 2018 in Los Angeles, and has since expanded to 58 retail locations in 18 markets across 6 countries.

San Fran based Cookies recently partnered with Final Bell to help with upgraded global expansion of packing products and to continue to change the game again and again.

Dad Grass

Dad Grass pays tribute to the timeless staples of dad style. As a brand that prides itself on familial ties, it attempts to reel back in what the golden-era of pot smoking looked like. Dads Grass is betting that consumers today had a dad who not only was around, but kept one locked and loaded in the cigarette pack. Dad Grass offers CBD-dominant products while their sister brand, Mom Grass, exclusively features the novel cannabinoid CBG. With packaging resembling classic cigarette packs, fans of this nostalgic look will rejoice as they take a trip with Dad Grass and Mom Grass.

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