AdCann Advertising Awards

The Cannabis Industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and has received a massive amount of attention over the past year.

Marketing and advertising in this industry is completely unique from any other sector. There are nuanced regulations and restrictions that must be considered, from both local governments and advertising platforms. Cannabis companies and the agencies that assist them need to be extra creative in solving for these problems and connecting with consumers. This need for innovation has forced cannabis companies to build some of the most creative brands in business.

“I think the cannabis industry is going to be the teacher of innovation. In 2040, cannabis companies are going to be the ones influencing the way diapers and tires and soda and shampoo is being sold.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

This is why we decided to create a space for you to vote for your favourite products, campaigns, brands, design and people. Our goal with the AdCann Advertising Awards is to honour the worthy, celebrate the phenomenal and educate the community. But this is only the beginning. This year’s announcements will be online but our intention is to turn this into a live event and gala for the 2019 Awards. It would mean the world to us and the nominees if you could place your vote here.

With each vote, we are helping shape the future of cannabis and marketing.


The Categories

Campaign Of The Year

Best Agency

Best Licensed Producer Branding

Best Packaging Design

Best Social Media

Marketer / Entrepreneur Of The Year

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