Canopy Growth wins the branding game with partnerships

Canopy Growth wins the cannabis branding game through partnerships with DNA and LBS. 


95% of consumers didn’t recognize one single cannabis brand while shopping through legal retailers on day one of legalization. In Canada’s heavily regulated cannabis marketing environment, any edge over the competition is a valuable one. 

Along with building their own recreational Tweed brand, Canopy also made strategic partnerships with two well-known American companies to offer their products to the Canadian market. 

The first is DNA Genetics. DNA is one of the most well known cannabis brands in the world and was established over 13 years ago in Amsterdam. They have cultivated a strong international reputation for producing quality cannabis genetics. DNA expanded into every international market as cannabis legislation passed. The brand became synonymous with the sexy Southern California lifestyle, which has helped push them to mainstream popularity. 

In October of 2015, Canopy Growth Corporation teamed up with DNA to offer their genetics to Canopy’s medical marijuana patients in Canada. Now that adult-use legalization passed on October 17th, these products are available to the recreational market. Canopy receives the benefit of using the DNA name and branding on their product packaging, which will be instantly recognizable to a certain amount of consumers. 

The second brand deal that Canopy made was with rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg’s official cannabis brand, Leafs By Snoop. Snoop’s company launched in Denver, Colorado in 2015. Canopy had the bright idea of bringing these branded products to the Canadian market.

This strategic partnership was created in October of 2016 and allowed Tweed to market and sell LBS products in Canada. The strains pay homage to the rapper’s home state of California, with names like Ocean View and Palm Tree CBD. These products were originally only available for Tweed’s medical marijuana patients, but have recently become available to the rec market. Snoop’s packaging and design was created by Pentagram.


Tweed receives the benefit of increased brand awareness by using the Leafs by Snoop name. Many consumers are already aware of this brand through previous press releases. Fans of Snoop Dogg will be instantly drawn to LBS products over other brands they don’t recognize. 

(Side note: In June 2016 it was reported that Leafs By Snoop was in a trademark dispute with the Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team over their logo.)

One of the reasons for Canopy’s continued success are their strategic partnerships with American cannabis brands. It is important that Canadian companies build their own household name brands, but this strategy is surely paying off for Canopy in the meantime. 

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