New B2B cannabis trade show claims dominance


Hall of Flowers is the newest B2B trade show and conference of premium cannabis products held in Santa Rosa, California. The show was created by the co-founders of Green Street Agency, an L.A based cannabis marketing and branding firm. 

The inaugural event launched this September to astounding success. Attendees, exhibitors and major press publications like Forbes were all very impressed by the trade show. Most cannabis B2B events are very similar, this HoF was able to create a unique experience for all. 
The show made sure not include “boring” ancillary companies like suppliers of LED lights, and instead opted to bring together the most innovative brands, retailers and industry insiders. Brands like Dosist, Sunday Goods and Papa & Barkley were all exhibiting. 


At HoF, cannabis product sales are allowed and deals were being made. This made for an enjoyable experience for attendees and a profitable weekend for exhibitors. Many cannabis business shows such as MJ Biz Con and Lift&Co Expo do not allow the sale of cannabis products at their events. Over 1500 guests attended the show, with roughly between 300 to 400 buyers and approximately 150 participating brands.

The branding and design of the show was impeccable and modern. The venue included areas for users to consume outdoors, ping-pong tables and a speaker stage. There were several “Instagrammable” exhibits that attendees loved to share. HoF is truly where fun and consumption meets business and entrepreneurship.

The speakers included the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, super successful wine entrepreneur turned marketing mogul. Gary has recently entered the cannabis industry by purchasing 50% of Green Street Agency, the company responsible for organizing Hall of Flowers.

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