MedMen's 2018 Campaigns

MedMen, an American chain of 19 licensed cannabis storefronts, has been making waves in the world of cannabis marketing. They are one of the first marijuana companies to get recognized by reputable media sources for their marketing and advertising initiatives. Let’s explore the two main campaigns that MedMen ran this past year.


Forget Stoner” is a $2 million marketing buy that conveyed the message that successful people are cannabis users too. The creative featured professionals from all walks of life with the word stoner crossed out and replaced with their respective job titles. Some examples are police officer, entrepreneur, coach and grandmother. MedMen purchased several billboards in key markets such as Los Angeles. The company created the domain “” that drives users to a landing page with more information about MedMen. 

There was some blow back from the core cannabis community due to this messaging. Many marijuana consumers proudly identify themselves as stoners and do not see any negative stigma in the word. Having MedMen cross out the word and replace it with a career title seemed a bit arrogant. However, these core users may not be MedMen’s target, and the criticism raised more awareness for this marketing campaign.

nurse stoner medmen billboard.jpg

The $4 million “Cannabis” campaign also aims to fight stigma and change the perception surrounding recreational marijuana use. This time the company embraced some Southern California cliches like sand and surf, a Rolls Royce in Beverly Hills, a shirtless weightlifter at Muscle Beach and a hipster with a guitar on the Sunset Strip. Each image only has a single word written across it: “Cannabis.” The locations of MedMen’s 8 LA dispensaries appear against a red background, and their signature red shopping bag has a cameo in each photograph. 


MedMen has gained a lot of popularity and is starting to gain brand awareness outside of the core cannabis community. The company recently went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange and has attracted many investors. AdCann will be sure to keep you up to date with MedMen’s new marketing campaigns and advertising initiatives.

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