Hear What Cannabis Sounds Like With "The Sounds Of Tweed"


Tweed, one of Canada’s most popular marijuana brands, wants the public to know that it is possible to extract more than just THC and CBD from cannabis. Tweed’s team of “dedicated plant musicologists” (an admittedly made-up title) are able to record the changes of electrical currents flowing through a cannabis plant and then convert them into musical notes.

They record the electrical data from each Tweed strain and save it as a MIDI data file. They then take that MIDI file and convert it into 3 different sounds. Listen to an example here:

Tweed encourages creatives to download these sounds and use them to create their own tracks to become a “cannabis composer”.

Under The Cannabis Act, Canada’s Licensed Producers are severely limited in their options for marketing and branding. The Sounds of Tweed is an intelligent way for the company to create a deeper connection between their products and the consumer. Creatives, musicians and music enthusiasts will appreciate this unique audio content and may even try some of Tweed’s product because of it.

Listen to what Tweed’s strains sound like here

Watch the full process explained in the video below.

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