Tweed teams up with TerraCycle to create Cannabis Packaging Recycling Program


When Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use in October, one of the initial stories was about the excessive amount of packaging associated with LP products. Canadian consumers were and still are surprised and angry at the amount of plastic and cardboard packaging on legal recreational cannabis. 

Health Canada’s regulations require Licensed Producers to sell products in a “container that is tamper-evident, child-resistant, prevents contamination and keeps cannabis dry." This has resulted in an excessive amount of waste material. For every gram of cannabis sold there can be as much as 70 grams of packaging waste (plastic, cardboard, foil and wrap). 

Consumers are upset, which created a serious opportunity for a cannabis company to develop a program to help solve this problem. That is exactly what Tweed did.


Tweed (owned by Canopy Growth Corporation) is one of the largest Licensed Producers of cannabis in Canada. TerraCycle is a global leader in providing waste collection programs for hard-to-recycle materials. The two organizations teamed up to create the Cannabis Packaging Recycling Program.

All cannabis packaging including tin containers, plastic bottles, plastic caps, joint tubes and flexible plastic bags are eligible for the program. Tweed will accept cannabis packaging from any Licensed Producer, as long as the product has the THC cannabis warning symbol on the label.

Those who want to participate don’t need to clean the packaging. All you have to do is take out as much of the product as possible, then bring the packaging to a local Tweed or partnered retail store and drop it into one of the Tweed x TerraCycle bins on site. Or you can register online and the waste will be picked up directly from UPS.

Interested in participating? Learn more here.

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