Marigold wins Best Agency in Canada

Marigold Marketing & PR / Cannabis Communications has been voted the winner of the Best Agency in Canada in the 2018 AdCann Advertising Awards.


Bridget Hoffer and Katie Pringle (pictured above) launched Marigold PR in 2015. Coming from executive and senior roles in entertainment and media, Marigold quickly developed a roster of national brands and charities. In spring 2016, high-end cannabis accessories store Culture Rising (Milton, ON franchise), approached Marigold PR to support with social media marketing. Working with a legal cannabis client, they quickly learned how challenging traditional marketing was for companies looking to comply, while growing their business and audiences. They also discovered there were few agencies specializing in working with LPs and national cannabis brands on the ample opportunities that PR provides, in an otherwise regulated environment.

In June 2017, Marigold developed a new division, Cannabis Communications, to focus their efforts on the space. They now work with major players in the industry such as Modern Leaf, VIVO (formally ABCann), DHydra Technologies and HelloMD. These companies were looking for an agency to take on their cannabis PR needs with seasoned professionals who have knowledge of the industry, and Marigold delivered. Today, cannabis companies comprise more than 80% of Marigold’s business.



While working with companies in the space, Marigold’s founders saw an opportunity to create their own product offering. Marigold recognized the underserved women’s market and created Canndora, a community (@CanndoraClub), e-commerce store and subscription box program for “elevated women”. The agency has created a community of cannabis-loving women who want to connect and share their insight and experiences.

Canndora has taken off and it is now a event platform, community and influencer program working with brands and LPs who want to reach women. Canndora is also interested in distribution, wholesale and licensing contracts.

Keys To Success

The Marigold team has developed a formula that works within the ever-evolving rules and regulations. They know how to develop and tell the authentic story that will resonate with the market. This is accomplished through compliant public relations tactics including press releases, social media, and events.

Marigold’s advice is to get to the right table early, own your niche and be collaborative. Embrace the right opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer your business. Cannabis is a new industry presenting significant opportunities for Canadians.

“Focus, focus, focus; it’s key to building a relevant cannabis brand and owning your niche position at national and global levels.”


Credit and thanks to High Canada Magazine and Cy Williams for much of the information contained in this article.

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