Supreme to bring "Khalifa Kush" to Canada

Building a cannabis brand inside of Canada is a real challenge. Licensed Producers need to navigate through a variety of regulatory frameworks to promote their products. Most marketing and branding efforts are completely restricted. This has Canadian companies partnering with and purchasing established brands in the U.S. - where cannabis advertisers have more freedom.

The Supreme Cannabis Company announced today that they have entered into a partnership with Khalifa Kush Enterprises to bring the famous strain “KK” to Canada. Wiz Khalifa and his products already have a high amount of brand awareness in the Canadian market. Supreme gets the benefit of this awareness and adds a highly sought-after strain to their portfolio.

This is a great technique for Supreme to essentially turn Wiz Khalifa into an ambassador of their products. Although celebrity endorsements are restricted under The Cannabis Act, purchasing and partnering with brands is completely allowed. Wiz and his associates now have a vested interest in Supreme succeeding, which will likely result in Wiz promoting the brand on his own.

This move is similar to the partnership between Canadian cannabis producer Tweed and Snoop Dogg. In 2016, Tweed (owned by Canopy Growth Corporation) started selling “Leafs By Snoop” branded strains to their medical marijuana patients. These products are now available to the general public since recreational legalization. Wiz Khalifa is arguably the second most-famous “stoner” rapper and it was only a matter of time before a large organization scooped up the opportunity to work with him.

It is unclear whether Khalifa Kush will be sold under The Supreme Cannabis Company or their recreational brand, 7 Acres.

Until the regulations change, we will likely continue to see Canadian Licensed Producers buying and partnering with U.S. cannabis brands.

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