"It's A Real Job" Campaign Will Pay You To Smoke Weed

AHLOT (A Higher Level Of Thought) is a Canadian “curation company” that aims to create rituals and experiences for cannabis users. They accomplish this through selling modern design-focused accessories. They have recently created the first and only cannabis sample pack containing 5 x 1g samples from 5 different producers, which is now available for purchase online.

In September 2018, the company launched a campaign stating that they were hiring “expert level connoisseurs” to join its Cannabis Curation Committee - a group of people who will sample product from various Canadian licensed producers. The findings will then be used by AHLOT to create a sample pack as part of their Cannabis Collections series.

AHLOT purchased social media advertising (including Facebook and Instagram ads) and OOH billboards in the Toronto area, specifically at Yonge and Dundas. All of the ads direct the viewer to itsarealjob.com where they could apply and fill out a fun and creative survey that asked both scientific questions about the cannabis plant and lifestyle questions to gauge personality.

The creative featured different cannabis references and word play about green vegetables. The ads ask the viewer “Are you a fan of jazz cabbage?” “Do you dance with the devil’s lettuce?” and “Do you get down with party parsley?”. No other details were provided in the ads other than the re-assurance that “It’s A Real Job”.


Sorry for all those interested in applying, the contest and campaign finished on October 17th (legalization day) and the final interviews are currently taking place. The website is no longer live but AHLOT has ensured their social media followers that they are in the final stages of picking the lucky winners.

The part-time job reportedly pays $50 CAD (over $38 USD) per hour for up to 16 hours per month. The chosen winners won’t get rich off this gig, but not a bad side hustle for those who know their weed.

This campaign helped the company increase their brand awareness in key Canadian markets and received “AHLOT” of attention.

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